Need a total body makeover?? new series

We have all seen the ads, the promises of a better body with this special diet or that special exercise program.  The pictures are promising.  Wouldn’t we ALL love to look like those models used in the print advertising?

So let’s say we joined in all of the hype and decided to make some changes to our diet and to our activity levels. At first it’s hard. Dieting and sweating are not two of my favorite things.  I like food, I like GOOD TASTING food.  I don’t like sweating.  There are soooooo many better things that I can think of that I would rather be doing than sweat.  But we do it.  Why?

We may be at that point in our life when we start looking at our children and realize that we need to be around for them for a long time.  For some, it may be due to medical reasons.  Maybe we are tired of feeling lethargic all of the time.  Maybe our bodies ache from carrying around too much weight.  Maybe we are tired of looking at ourselves in the mirror when naked.  Whatever the reason, we start something.

We begin and things start looking good. We start feeling better by drinking more water, and making better food choices.  We have more energy from exercising and that scale starts moving down.  That is when the excitement begins.  It is good to see physical results when we are aiming and striving to make changes in our life.

Then life happens and we stop doing all of those things that are good for us and we start reverting back to our old ways.  We start binge eating.  We trade exercise for computer and television time.  Those extra pounds seem to sneak back  onto our hips and butt.  We start to feel guilty.  We start to think that there isn’t any hope. You start telling yourself, ” I am just going to be fat.” You convince yourself that your children made your body this way.

And you settle…………..

Does this scenerio sound all too familiar?  I know for myself, this was an excuse I used many times over the years.  I weighed about 180 lbs for many years while having babies.  I used the excuse that having babies made me fat.  But that was a lie.  All of the food choices and my inability to choose to exercises is what made me fat. Making poor choices when I wanted to satisfy my self loathing self did nothing but make me feel poor physically.  I had to change and I did.  I worked at it consistently and have not reverted back.

But this series isn’t about our physical bodies, it is about something more important…….. our spiritual bodies.

I wish I had an image that would portray a Christian woman living life to the fullest potential.  One that was living in the supernatural blessings of the Lord.  One who lived a complete life of faith. One that did not take offense on things.  A woman who had the joy of the Lord very present in her life.   For myself, that is a woman that I want to strive to live like.

Unlike the worlds standards of having a total body makeover and the perfect looking body, Gods’ standards of having a total body makeover would include our lives portraying Him.

Instead of writing about changing our physical bodies, which is important, but this series is about changing our spiritual bodies  the MOST important.makeover

Everything that we do should be a direct reflection of Him.  How do you determine whether you need a spiritual total body makeover?  Ask yourself these questions:

  • How many of you are run down and tired most all of the time?
  • When was the last time that you sat and read the Bible and did not fall asleep reading it?
  • How many of you think that God seems just too far away?
  • Do you feel like sometimes your prayers go unnoticed?
  • Do you think that your friends seem to have it all when you just can’t seem to keep it together?
  • Are you bogged down by your past?
  • Do you have recurrent feelings of anxiety, fears, worries, and doubts?
  • Do you let others dictate what type of mood you are going to be in for the day?
  • Are you easily offended by comments made from your husband or friends?
  • Do you feel like maybe you made a mistake by marrying the “wrong man” and want out?
  • Do you sometimes spend hours or even days in bed with the “cloud of doom” hanging over top of you?
  • When reading God’s word, do you ever feel like He isn’t speaking to you or that you just don’t get it?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions,  it’s time for a spiritual total body makeover.

This series will target the different parts of us that  need to be changed to fully walk in the anointing and power of the Lord:

  • Give us pure hearts to be knit  with God
  • Renew our minds to have the mindset of Christ
  • Ears that learn to listen to God speaking to us.
  • Give us clean hands that perform the will of God in love.
  • Eyes that focus only on God and His will for our life.
  • Feet that don’t hesitate when God says to do something.
  • Mouth that speaks words of life into others.

Each week will include a new topic.  I pray that you will join in because you want a change in your life.  Stop settling for a second rate life.  God DOES NOT want you to live a life full of defeat.  We should be walking in the victory!!! That begins by walking in the anointing of God.  Want to learn how to do that?  Follow the series………..part 2


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