Good job if you have been working to instill NEW HABITS into your life.  It is so important to be able to conquer this stuff called CLUTTER.  Clutter will take over your life and start to OWN you.

You want to work to deliver yourself from clutter.

Some people’s passion is food or sewing, my passion is simplifying.  That is why you will find many series aiming to help you simplify your life.   My simple living lifestyle challenge takes you on a 52 week change of habits to help you live a simpler life.  My modest mom weight loss challenge, is all about simplifying your eating habits and adding exercise to your daily habits.

I am also offering a month long module targeting different areas of our life that need to be simplified.  If you want to join February’s it is on simplifying our diets by creating new habits that you can instill each day to provide life long better health.  It is FREE and you will receive accountability newsletters 3 times per week for ONE MONTH.  If you want to sign up  enter your email


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I got the vision for my declutter your life …when less is more ebook and began to write it.  When God gives you something it is sooooo much easier to do it.  I wrote that book within 2 days!!!  I don’t know how, because I STILL had to run our household.  He just kept filling my mind with things and I typed away.  That is why I am excited to share it with you.

new 3d book2

If you want to support what I do here at then I recommend you buy the book.  If you notice I don’t do ANY type of advertisements or ANNOYING pop ups on my blog.  I have resolved from the beginning that it is NOT necessary for my blog growth.  I want to write so that readers can enjoy what I share and benefit from it.  I want to think about the reader first and how their experience here will benefit them.  If you enjoy what I write then you can support my blog by buying my materials, but if you don’t then that means I need to learn to put out better things. (smile)

My first year starting out, I didn’t have many readers BUT the Lord provided me with some opportunities to write for someone else and earn an income from it.  Guess what??? The time my renewal came up the next year, I had enough income to pay for it again.  My second year, I had sold some ebooks and some plaques from our family business to pay for the blog.  I have been blessed that the Lord keeps providing me with a way to keep this going without taking from our family finances, which I would not do.

Another thing I wrote when I first started my blog was a FREE home economics curriculum.  It is ONE of the biggest things that draws  people to my blog.  I want to be able to help others who are looking to train up their daughters as keepers of the home.  I will ALWAYS offer that as a FREE resource.  But for those of you that can, I  have a downloadable ebook available that you can purchase.

home economics

This is an extensive version of what I offer online.  It is something that will help our daughters and sons immensely.  It is packed full of over 150 recipes and 170 pages of information to help train our children in the area of kitchen skills.  It is for one complete semester of Home Economics.

Now that I have shared most of what I LOVE……..pass along if you think any of this will help someone you know. Have a wonderful, enjoyable weekend.   Onto a new day, be blessed.


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