My frugal productivity for the week

Hope your having a wonderful week.  We have been busy getting our school done and then some done so that we can take some time off at the end of the month to move.  I have also started packing and getting rid of things that we will not be needing in our new home.  This is what my living room looks like:


I have been packing as much stuff as I can each day so that I am not overwhelmed with it, the week before.  img_20160913_185707

My children are so excited to be moving into their new home and keep asking, “When are we going to move?”  So we created the countdown chain to help them know when it is we will be moving.  Each day someone rips off a chain and we are getting shorter and shorter as the days go by.img_20160805_083924

This week, Aldi’s had milk fairly inexpensively so I purchased a couple of extra gallons and made some homemade yogurt to eat for breakfast.  When a gallon of milk cost $1.69 you can make a LOT of yogurt for cheap with it.  We use the whole milk if we can for yogurt it makes it thicker.  I even make it with powdered nonfat milk, but the whole is thicker.


Here is me whisking away the starter and the milk.img_20160805_111052

Click here to see how we do it step by step.img_20160805_113428

I let it sit on my countertops in coolers for the hours it needs to be warmed.  The results are many quart jars of yogurt to eat for breakfast;)img_20160805_122732

Another thing I had a lot of this week, was an abundance of cabbage.  I really wasn’t into making sauerkraut or anything like that so I decided to fry up some each night for dinner for myself and whoever wanted some.

img_20160810_164514I added mixed vegetables, soy sauce, and sesame seed oil.  Delicious and yummy.  img_20160805_152913We also have many eggs.  Our six hens have been laying everyday and I have an ice cream bucket full of eggs.  This forces me to make some sort of breakfast each week.  This week we had many tortillas so we made breakfast burritos and froze some for quick meals during the week.  img_20160810_172951

Since we are moving, I am trying to use up what we have and get rid of what we don’t need.  Jentzen had a Lego person magazine that he has been saving.  Unfortunately Stephen, the younger brother, ripped part of it apart.  So we decided to make a collage out of the ones he liked so he can hang it on his wall in the new house.  We used a poster board like a presentation style one and modge podge.  The girls enjoyed cutting all those pieces out—thank goodness!img_20160816_182032

Brooklyn has been saving her CD papers from her cases as she has condensed hers down and put them in a CD case sleeve.  She is not my keeper by nature and was going to throw them away but we decided to make a photo collage for her wall.


This summer I was given a box of ripe bananas that I decided to just put whole in my freezer for when I wanted to make banana bread or breakfast cookies.  Now that we are moving, I need to condense my space down a bit.  I took out my bananas and let them thaw so that I could squeeze them out of their peelings. I know gross?!? It took me from one whole drawer of frozen bananas down to six quart bags of nice and neat mashed bananas.

img_20160901_105630I am continuing to use up most of my freezer foods because I DO NOT want to have to empty that and refill it multiple times when moving it.  I will get three freezers down to one freezer and call it good.  I am being frugal on my grocery shopping opting to have just enough meals to move in and then for about a week after.  This will also cut down on moving unnecessary things.

My week has been just trying to condense down what we have.  Trying to gather up the fragments that I have and use them or get rid of them.  Hope your week has been going good.  Have a blessed weekend!

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