My favorite wholesome books/videos for 3-6 year olds

My little ones keep growing and eventually I will not remember all of these great books/videos that they used to watch.  This is for my remembrance and also some great ideas if you have some children this age and need some good ideas of what to buy.  None of these books/videos listed have any objectionable material.  There are not witches, magic, or any other “hidden” messages that are in so many books/videos that the media is pushing towards our children.

Here are some of our favorite books that we love to read over and over again.  We have done these same books over all of our children.  They are keepers:)

How Many Veggies?

A favorite among the group.  They love to see what happens as more and more veggies join Bob in his boat!

Arlo Needs  Glasses

This is a fun book that has cardboard glasses for your child to try on like Arlo does in the story.  One of those books to keep high on the shelf and pull out when Mom is around:)

A boy, a dog, and a frog

Frog on his own

These two  books have no words, just pictures.  It allows you to talk with your child and see if they can tell what is going to happen.

Good Dog Carl series

Good Dog Carl

Carl’s Christmas

Carl goes shopping

Carl’s Afternoon in the Park

Carl’s Birthday

Carl Goes to Daycare

Carl’s Sleepy Afternoon

Your a good dog, Carl

Follow Carl

I have this listed in my toddler post as well.  There are many books in this series, my children have enjoyed them every time we read the books.

Pancakes for Breakfast

Little Bear Brushes his Teeth

This book is great for that time when your child wonders why it is important to brush your teeth.  We get this book with every child.

Llama Llama books

This is listed in my toddler post as well. My children really love these books.

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat

Llama Llama red pajama

Llama Llama gram and grandpa

Llama Llama Time to share

Llama Llama Home with Momma

Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Llama Llama Misses Mama

Llama Llama Mad at Mama

Nelly Gnu and Daddy too

Bear’s New Friend

Bear Snores On

Bear feels sick

We love these books for their bright colorful pictures and repetition of words for the little ones to copy after each page.

Mortimer’s first garden

Grumpy Goat

Moose tracks!

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

There are many books in this series… children laugh every time we read them.

Machines go to work in the city

This book is great because it folds out adding depth to the different trucks

 A very curious bear

I’m really not tired

 A fun book about going to bed.

Image of item


This is a fun book about what happens when you don’t keep your room clean.  I still say….”Are there pigs under your bed?”

Front Cover


I love this book because it depicts what a Dad does all day, a rarity in today’s children’s books.

Little Mommy

Another great book about a little girl pretending to be a stay at home mom:)

Image of item

Nurse Nancy

Simple, childlike play.

Doctor Dan the Bandage Man (Little Golden Book)

Doctor Dan the Bandage Man

Great books from when I was a child.

The Day Daddy Stayed Home

This is a fun book about what happens when you have a snowstorm and Daddy stays home.  This is an old book, if you can find it, it’s great.

Our favorite videos that we have had as a “staple” in our home for little ones:


Skippy and Dave

I highly recommend this family friendly video.  We love it!

The Seventh Brother

The Seventh Brother

There are also two others that go along with this series:

Willy the Sparrow

Tiny Heroes

Over the years of weeding out and keeping only what we love, The Seventh Brother made the list, but the others are good just as well.

The Adventures of Prayer Bear - DVD

Prayer Bear (1)

How to Pray (2)

It’s time to pray (3)

My kids all grew up watching these.  If you can get a hold of it at Goodwill, pick it up!  There are 3 videos in this series and a good, wholesome watch.

Hide em in your heart Vol 1 and 2

These were another staple that we had playing over and over while the children were younger.  They can all still sing the scripture they heard while it played.

Gullah Gullah Island

My oldest child watched this everyday on tv when she was little.  I was sad when it went off the air, but so happy with the whole DVD season craze.  We love Gullah Gullah island.  It portrays a family living on an island off South Carolina —I believe, the fun things they do, they sing, they dance and its good wholesome fun.  No questionable material at all.

Barney and the Backyard Gang

Ok, so Barney has been a staple in our lives for the last 20 years.  I still love the original Barney’s the best with Sandy Duncan.  If you can find them on Youtube or maybe at a goodwill, grab them.  That is…..if you have a VHS player:)

Barney and the Backyard Show

Barney’s Birthday

Campfire Sing-Along

A day at the Beach

Waiting for Santa

We like all the new Barney’s too.

This my children really enjoyed once they were over the “toddler shows.” I was happy to see it on Amazon Prime as our DVD’s were pretty scratched from wear and tear.  A good adventure show for your children that does not have all the elements that “typical” younger children shows have.  A Christian based program.  My under 5 crowd would watch it and get a little scared as they were not “indoctrinated” with all of the suspense in many shows, so I avoided it till they got older and could rationally understand about such things.  It is a great show and a good alternative for what you will find on tv for kindergarten and up children.  It is based on the Christian Radio Program. It is filled with suspense and adventure.  Things that my younger crowd were not used to watching.

Veggie Tales

You can’t go wrong with ANY of these shows.  We have watched them multiple times over the years.

I hope this list is useful to those looking for good, wholesome material for your toddler/preschooler.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I used your book lists yesterday, we actually brought home books I want to read to my kids. In past they pick random books that I can’t hardly read because they are nonsense, or we come across objectionable stuff, etc.. Thank you for giving us direction in the library!

    • I know, I have sifted through multiple books over the years. My favorite is when you are reading the book to your child and have to STOP reading?!!?!? Crazy. Plus I want to remember them for my future grandchildren:) Be blessed Jen!!!

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