My daily life 12/6/2016

Good morning ladies.  Okay I have to admit, yesterday was rough.  I was so tired from all of the running that we had done over the weekend that I was beat.  But in the morning, after my time with the Lord, I knew it was going to be a good day.  It was a busy day, but one that I didn’t feel drained as I had felt from the weekend.

We had gotten up and Monday is my clean my floors day.  I sweep and hand wash my floors upstairs and down.  This allows me to get under the couch and into all of those corners and cracks where dust bunnies live.  We do a good vacuum and this forces a pick up to put things away from the weekend.  That got done early.  Then we pulled out school and got some done.  Yes, we could have just not done any but it didn’t take any time away from our visiting and the children got it done quickly and now we won’t be behind this year!

We then started doing our chocolates for the holidays.


Up first is my personal favorite.  At Starbucks one day I bought this tiny bag of dark chocolate, coconut, and sea salted almonds.  It was so good.  But for $4 a bag–just a treat.  So I decided to recreate my own and I can tell you that this is my GOTO for chocolate fixes.  I keep them in my freezer and pull one out when I want one.  I purposely put the cranberries in them to keep “others” from eating it:) img_20161205_152905

I have no name so I call them chocolate, coconut, pretzel,almond, cranberry candy.  So original:)


We made biscotti.  I am hooked on this stuff.  Tammy made it last year and it is now part of my traditional cookies.   img_20161119_154238

I tried a chocolate one with cake mix, just to spice it up a bit.  The homemade chocolate version is just as good as this cake mix one.img_20161119_154244

We also did some peanut butter M&M chocolate covered balls.  I think they are called Buckeyes, depending upon where you live.  Another staple treat for us each year.


We did this for an easy popcorn treat.  Pop some popcorn and melt chocolate and we did caramel apple discs as well, drizzle on top.  We added candy corns.  Good treat–more fall like, but we had to use up the ingredients:)img_20161205_150942

Then, thank goodness for Twitter life hacks!!! I found this great idea for doing chocolate covered pretzels.  You put the melting chocolate in jars and place them in a crockpot with some water.  Hello???  Genius!!!  img_20161205_183055

BUT, we didn’t do an entire jar of chocolate so we had to tip them on their sides to get the chocolate out.  Still WAY neater than using a bowl.  If I had some maybe Starbucks glass coffee jars I might save those for next year to do it, but this worked.  Clean up was easy as well.  We did peanut butter chips, dark chocolate, light chocolate, and white.img_20161205_183059

We then put them on Freezer paper and sprinkled some toppings.img_20161205_183311img_20161205_185402

Then I think I found the easiest way.  We had some chocolate in a plastic bag for doing molds, I just put the pretzel in the bag and coated it that way.  To me that was easiest.  You can wipe it off easier too.  I’m sure someone did a Life hack for that!


We had a “special” tray for the little ones because their chocolate involved licking the sprinkles.  Chocolate, sprinkles, and children!!!  A good combination?!?!?


Jadyn did some candy molds, we just squeezed them in from a plastic bag.  She had fun. I would like to get her more molds to do this for other times as well.


My friend Marie gave us some peanut brittle last year and it was sooooooo good. I asked her for the recipe and I am so glad I made it.  It takes patience to sit and stir it for the 20 minutes or so that you are at the stove, but it is good.         img_20161205_194719

We then ended the day with Jentzen losing his first tooth. He was so excited!  He attributes a lost tooth to Dad taking him to the store.  Dad is such a softie:)  It is good.

Then my night consisted of hand washing the floor again due to sprinkles.  But I am finished with sprinkles for now.  Then we watched Mom’s Night Out and Parental Guidance, two of my favorite movies.  I had to hand paint some letters for Greg’s business so that was a good thing to watch while we did that.  I packaged up some orders to ship today and called it a night.  I woke up today feeling much better and ready for my day.  I already started doing my Tuesday chores which consist of deep cleaning all the bathrooms.  I got one down, two more to go.  I love separating my chores, because I know I will eventually get to everything in a week’s time instead of worrying about getting them done in one day.

I pray you have a wonderful day today.  Get out an easy recipe or try one of these to do with your children. I know mess is not my favorite either, but the children remember doing this every year and it is all about making memories.  You won’t remember hand washing the floors trying to get every sprinkle that you find, but you will remember making cookies with your babies.  Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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  1. Wow, looks yummy and like a fun, busy day! I am looking on your blog for your house cleaning schedule, do you have one here? I thought I saw one in past but can’t seem to find it. If not no biggie. Thank you!!

    • I did under our managing a large family series. I will update a new one today:) Have a great day!

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