My daily life 12/14/2016

Good morning everyone! Hope your having a good start to your day.  At least you are having a start:)  I don’t know how bloggers and youtube people can upload a video everyday—I was aiming to do this every morning and then life happens and it doesn’t get done.

Last week was a busy week.  We had our family up for a visit, which went nice.  Then I had a couple of days rest and had a cookie exchange party on the weekend.  I will do a post for tomorrow.  Then exhaustion set in.  I spent the entire day in my pajamas and Santa stockings—thanks Sybil:)  I did nothing but lay on the couch and go in and out of sleep.  That depended upon which child would ask me a question because when Mom is sleeping, she still will answer questions?!!?!  I pulled out all of the food from the previous day along with the cheesy sausage soup and fed that to my family all day.

Monday morning came along and busyiness set in again:)  My “plan” was to chill for two days but that can’t happen when life happens.  My husband took the week off of work so that he could finish up all of his Christmas orders. In the mornings, I package and ship his stools and drop them at the post office.  Collin bought another car so I went with him to get it.  Then home to finish school and chores.  We are cramming another week of school so that we can just be done this week and enjoy the next two weeks off.  After the holidays we are going to have to revisit fractions and long division?!?!?!

Yesterday was just as busy, I got up and did more packages and then had phone calls to make and a car to plate and tag.  I was scheduled to meet Collin at the bank to sell his old car and of course I had to stop in at Goodwill to do a quick browse.  I came out with 3 new outfits and a couple of miscellaneous toys to add to my Christmas piles.  I am buying Greg a flat screen tv for our room for Christmas and wanted to check on some prices so I did that as well. I also grabbed some makeup while I was at the store.  I am not much of a make up person but as I get older, I see the need:)  I love summer because we live at the lake all the time.  Our skin is tan and there is no need for makeup—besides it would melt off:)  Now that it is cooler, my skin is looking a little pale.  Tammy got me some foundation the other day so I picked up more lipstick (coffee colored), mascara, and some blush.  I do that with eyeliner and call it good.  I love seeing the makeup skilled ladies that can look flawless but I don’t have time for that.  Simple and easy. Foundation was stretching it I thought, but it makes a difference.  I also grabbed a new wallet because I got a new purse for Christmas.  My husband bought me a Michael Kors purse.  It was the only thing I wanted and he let me have it early.  We will get the tv this week when we head out.  After he finishes up his orders we will venture out and get more gifts for the children.  I still need some things for the boys and then he likes to buy one more gift for everyone.

Evan loves to wrap and has done that for the last few years.  This year we put the presents under the tree.  Usually we wait till Christmas morning, but I am tired of a closet I can’t walk into!  I didn’t put their names on the gifts, instead I put the month they were born in on it.  Now the curiosity is coming alive!  But I realized that I have two December birthdays so my boys will be labeled another way:)  It was almost full proof!

Today is a chill day.  I woke up at 4 am and decided to just get out of bed.  We have four more days of school to do and will accomplish much of that today.  Lauren is taking the three girls: Jadyn, Brooklyn, and Autumn out shopping.  They have some money to spend and she can take them to pick out what they want.  I will help Greg get more packages shipped up and get myself a grocery list together for next week.  We have friends coming from Michigan for a few days and then it will be Christmas.

I was able to finally put together a video of the girls in the Christmas drama.

Hope you have a blessed day today. Focus on accomplishing one goal today.  Don’t overload yourself with lists.  Just pick one or two things and do that.  Enjoy and don’t forget to smile!


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  1. heather findlay

    We used to put our Christmas presents out Christmas Eve because everyone would shake them and feel them and guess what they had. A couple years ago we were given the idea of code names. We have 10 kids so it can be pretty complicated to figure out who you are, but guessing is part of the fun. We did dog breeds this year.

    • That is awesome!!! After this year they will all figure out my “code” for using the months. But dog breeds—–hmmmmm…..a GREAT idea! I am going to have to use that for next year. Have a wonderful day today and be blessed!

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