My child’s favorite entertainer… Is it Wiggles? Barney? nope……it is Skippy and Dave


Have you ever had anyone whom you would love to meet one day?? Maybe a favorite muscian, actor or actress.  Well my daughters’ dream came true today and she got to meet her favorite entertainer—- Skippy and Dave.

Most children when you ask who their favorite tv show or entertainers are, you probably get the usual mainstream acts, like Wiggles, Barney, or Dora. Not in our household.  My children love Skippy and Dave.



Who are Skippy and Dave you might ask?

When Skippy and Dave and friends take the stage you are in for a real treat. Dave Parker is a skilled ventriloquist and an accomplished guitarist. One minute you will hear a disembodied voice calling from offstage, another time you will hear a favorite song from one of Dave’s recordings, and before you know it, you might be up onstage for “volunteer ventriloquism” or playing a rhythm instrument in ”the band”. With enthusiasm and style, this talented team brings nonstop fun to everyone!

We came across this show from our local library.  Skippy and Dave in a Winter Wonderland.  My preschooler and toddler watch this show over and over again.  It brings you back to a more simpler entertainment for your family.  We don’t always need flashy shows to keep us watching, sometimes just seeing people do things that we normally do like roasting marshmallows, skating, and singing songs are good for us to see.


Our local library had Skippy and Dave come to our branch and we had a grand time.  Lots of interaction, singing, and loads of laughter.  I would definitely recommend if Skippy and Dave come to your area to go see them.  They do have a website that offers the above DVD and a few others.  I was excited to see that they had another one…Skippy and Dave and the Great Outdoors.  I am thinking that some 2 year old is going to be pretty happy receiving that new DVD. DSCN2661

Even though she is not smiling(the 2 year old red head), she was more than thrilled with her adventure to see Skippy and Dave today.  It is all she has talked about. It truly was a joyous day for her. Thank you for entertainers that bring the simpler things of life to us.

Thank you again Skippy, Dave, and Claire for making my childrens day memorable.

Check out Skippy and Dave at their website

By the way, I am no way being paid to advertise this, as a Mom of many I love to pass along my recommendations for things like good, wholesome family entertainment.

3 responses to “My child’s favorite entertainer… Is it Wiggles? Barney? nope……it is Skippy and Dave

  1. Lynn Parker

    Thank you for the heart warming comments. David works hard to make shows for children and he is away from home frequently to perform. Your comments make it all worthwhile. You and your family just made my day!

    • You are so welcome, I know sometimes we go through life and think, ” Is this all worth it?” and I am glad that you are a wonderful wife to let God use your husband and his talents. I am excited that we have some new “friends” in the world. And Madelyn is more than thrilled! God bless to your family and thank you again.

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