My books

Here at Plain and not so Plain most everything is offered free for you to use.  I believe in sharing where I can.  I also avoid any advertising or pop up windows so that your experience here can be an enjoyable one.  Then how do I support my site, with no income from other companies?  I write books.  Here is what’s crazy…..I also offer my books free of charge on my site through various posts.  I don’t want money to stand in the way of someone who can’t afford something.

I believe in reaping and sowing. Give and it shall be given to you.  I look to God for all my income resources and He is faithful .

With all that said, if you want to support what we do here, you can purchase any of my books.  Again, if you can’t afford it, look around and you will find it somewhere on my site.

A book about how and what we do in our family of 12.  This is helpful for the bride just starting out or the mom who has 10 children.  All the concepts are the same  It is a simpler approach to managing a family.  Click here for more info

Is your life full of too much stuff?  Less Stuff More Life is meant to help you take a step by step approach to weeding out the things in your life that consume you.  This is part of my journey to cleaning out the clutter in my life.  Click here for more info

This book is meant to free you from “the cloud of doom” that seems to hover over your life.  This is how the Lord set me from from my bondage to the depression that I was experiencing in life.  Want to experience fullness of life, get this book.  It is available free to download.  It was a book that explains how my life was changed and the steps I took to be set free. It was completely the Lord, no outside help, just the Holy Spirits guidance.  Click here for more info

Home Economics is a lost art I believe in our society.  This curriculum is meant to help train our daughters to have purpose in life.  Your going to have to know how to cook so that you can eat in life.  This book provides the basics in kitchen skills.  If you can’t afford the book, you can take the course here at Plain and not so Plain for free   I offer the same things that are taught in the book online.  For more info click here.

Household and Personal Management Skills book will help you run a home effectively as well as manage things in your personal life. Click here for more info.

   This book is a combination of BOTH the kitchen skills AND household and personal management.  It also includes weekly character study devotions to help your daughter grow from the inside out. Click here for more info.

One of my greatest views is for  basic skills curriculum.  This is offered as a download to you free of charge. I have been approached by others who don’t have the resources to print it off inexpensively so now I am going to offer you the chance to buy a physical paperback copy through Amazon.  After uploading my complete curriculum, I set the price based on the minimum that Amazon allows me to do.  This is to make it as inexpensively as I can.  Again, if you can’t afford, download and print if off my site for free.

At Plain and not so Plain Academy we believe that learning at home should be an enjoyable time between you and your child.  Not something that they dread because they have hundreds of repetition problems to do over and over again.  Plain and not so Plain Academy’s approach to schooling is to  concentrate on the basics and then fill in with real life learning.

This approach to schooling is meant to take the stress and fear out of teaching your child at home.   We take all the extra complexities out of schooling and get back to the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.    This allows the student extra time to pursue other areas of interest.

First Grade Basic Skills Curriculum

This covers the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.  It has 120 lessons which are to be completed 3 days per week for 40 weeks.

Click here to purchase on Amazon.