mouse in a tin inexpensive christmas gift made from altoid tin

As I have mentioned before, I love to come up with ways to make some homemade gifts for my children without spending a lot of money.  While perusing the internet, I came across this cute mouse in a tin.  I thought this would be super cute to make for my child.  But I did not want to spend any money, so I thought I would take on this project, then I realized my distaste for sewing.  I knew that I would just end up frustrated for even starting this project, so I had to goto plan B.

What is plan B??  Figure out a way to mimic what I like in this mouse in a tin.  First I had to find some small stuffed animals that would fit inside of my tin. Goodwill was a great place for that.  I even removed some of the stuffing from the animals by ripping the seam in the back and then re-sewing them up.

I covered the bottom of the tin with a small piece of felt.  Made a mini pillow.  Hot glued the covers to the altoid tin.  081 For the window, I cut a piece of black felt and  cut out moon and star shapes to hot glue on.  I cut mini curtains out of scrap felt.  082 I covered the outside with a piece of scrap felt as well.083 In order to keep “froggy” shut down, as he is a little puffy….I had to attach the yellow strips to the edge to help the lid “catch” to something.  084 A fun, inexpensive cute toy that didn’t cost me much.  085

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