“Mom, I am bored…..there is nothing to do” part 2

Yesterday we talked about viewing discontent in our own lives and building that as an appetite for our children to think that they need this or need to be doing that to be happy. I also mentioned to take a media fast to foster some creativity. Children will never jump in and learn skill sets if the other option is media. We need to remove that, if only temporarily for them.

Children need to be taught to use their time wisely and pleasing to the Lord. Yes, there are many activities that do no harm, but we need to think is this the best possible way to use our time? Putting our children in this fast paced world, they are naturally going to want thrills. That is what our society is made of. The shock and awe of amusement parks, movies, even teen youth nights is what our children are being taught to crave. We need to train them in a more simple path of life, or as adults they will struggle with discontentment.

Now worldly amusements may not be all together wrong, we just have to ask the Lord, “Is this activity going to be pleasing to you?” Or is this activity going to benefit my future?

We as parents need to offer constructive activities for our children.
The following is a list of things we can teach our children that will be of value to their future.

* Sewing
* Gardening
* Cooking
* Baking
* Craft making
* Wood working
* Small engine repair
* Basic car maintenance

There are a thousand other skills to teach them and yourself if you don’t know how to.


Key is to teach them to be industrious, to enjoy working, and to be good stewards if their time.

The next time your children say, “Mom I’m bored”….start thinking creative pursuits instead of let’s go out and do something.  Teach them that living a plain and simple lifestyle in the end will bring much more happiness and contentment to their souls.



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