“Mom, I am bored….there is nothing to do” part 1

Have you heard these words come out of your child’s mouth lately? I know with the summer break from school there has been more free time in my children’s day. That has led to more discontent, more arguments, and more “Mom, I’m bored, there’s nothing to do…” syndrome. Really??!??!! With 8 other children home all day and your bored???Makes me want to turn from vacation and head straight into a new school year. What’s a mom to do?

Well I could quickly rewind their life. Taking away all media influences which means no TV no internet no cell phone. I put them in a box and never let them see the outside world again. Yeah that will never work .

or I can take a step back….

I need to exam  my life and see if I am struggling with discontent in any area. Do I struggle with unrest? Do I need to be constantly amused with the latest movies, newest music, or that top-selling christian book? Do I have to be involved in numerous activities that take me outside of my role as mother? Do I feel I deserve a vacation or time away each week with friends?

All these things show discontent in my life. I am not happy in my calling so I need to fulfill it in other ways. What will I be teaching my children?

What kind of appetites will I be creating in my children that they will carry into their adult lives? Do I want them to constantly feel that they need free time and social time with friends/media?


Of course not I want my children to learn happiness in the home. Quietness and simplicity are very healthy appetites to encourage in our children. I want my children to value and enjoy the pleasure of simplicity, to enjoy the ordinary tasks in life. Instead of always looking for the extraordinary.

Our modern society provides many quick escapes from boredom,. In movies, internet, games, and social media circles these have all replaced simplicity in the home. We need to remove these escapes to allow for a bit of boredom, to foster some creativity in our children.

It’s amazing how numb our culture has become to the simplicity’s of life. Our children need to be taught to be bored, to foster creativity in their lives.

After about a few days of media fasting your children will begin to play together, create together, and will look forward to spending time with one another.


Look for part 2 tomorrow to see how we as Mothers can help spark that creativity in our children



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