Mom goes looking for a turkey….and Happy late Thanksgiving!

It is now the day after Thanksgiving and I am hoping that my readers had a blessed day.  As you know the family was sick for the last week, so I have not been around.  Been busy taking care of my little ones.  I did get to go shopping by myself for our Thanksgiving food.  I made a little VLOG if you want to watch it.

I have been working diligently on our families website for our home based business…..go check it out and see if you think it is more user friendly.  I decided to change it as I was getting more orders through my blog than I was through our website store.  Think I may have fixed it.  Remember if you need a great holiday gift—-our wood stools and plaques make great unique gifts.  I guarantee your recipient won’t receive a double!

Pray you have a wonderful weekend enjoying this special time with family and loved ones.

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