Modge Podge photo coasters or tile hangings…..another photo craft


After making my photo collages for my walls, I was inspired with this Modge Podge stuff.  I did some Google searching with images and saw that people were making coasters out of photos and bathroom tiles.  We don’t have a need around our home for coasters, you don’t dare leave a drink unattended with 10 children!!  But I did have empty space in my kitchen that I was looking to fill inexpensively.

Since I enjoy chickens, I decided to use the photos of our chickens and ducks and cut them to fit my bathroom tile squares.  They were something ridiculously cheap like under 10 cents.  I then brushed Modge Podge over top of these photos.
019 I let them dry and was impressed.  I thought how cute to make a set of coasters for family members out of your children’s photos.  A great Christmas idea.  Since photos are like 9 cents a picture at Walmart and the tiles are under 10 cents.  Your gift could technically be under $1 or $2 depending upon the number of children that you have.  Or maybe you could print off some photos of different objects for special people.  A teenage boy might enjoy pictures of motorcycles, guitars, video games, etc.  A Christian might enjoy tiles with the names of God,or some favorite bible truths, printed on them. You could customize them for different seasons.  Making an autumn set out of pictures of fall things, leaves, pumpkin pie, corn husks, etc.  Summer out of beaches, sun, picnics, etc.  The possiblilities are endless.  Just brainstorm some ideas and Google some images, if you don’t have any yourself.

020I hung them up with my favorite item—-Velcro.


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