miscellaneous social skills and manners

I have done most of my searching for each individual skill being taught but was having a hard time finding these specific manners that all young men should know.

It is GOOD manners to open a door for another person.  If you open it for a girl, make sure to hold the door open for anyone else who may go through.  Pay attention to elderly, moms with strollers, or anyone else needing assistance.

You can open the door for a girl when they enter your vehicle.  Make sure to check that they are completely in the car before you shut the door.

It is proper to wait to sit down until all the girls or hostess is sitting down at the table when eating.

It is NOT proper to spit, hack, or snort mucous around other people, especially young ladies.  It may be a “guy” thing, but keep it that way.  Nothing is worse then seeing a young man “spit” out his window when walking by.  yuck!!!

Burping, farting, and any other body noise is also prohibited if you want any kind of positive attention on yourself.

Your conversation should be proper when speaking with others as well.  If you are careless with your words it will say a lot about who you are.  The bible states that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  Be careful what you are filling your heart with.

Pay attention to elderly people when you are at shopping centers, see if they need assistance taking their shopping carts or riders back up to the store.  Being aware of someone besides yourself is a good thing.

I won’t go into the obvious things to avoid—smoking, vaping, drugs, drinking.  Are all “traps” that will only lead to a life long bondage.  Even if it looks cool, I guarantee that to “potential prospects” it DOES NOT look good.

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