Merry Christmas from all of us

IMG_20141128_160401Luke 2:14

Glory to God in the highest and PEACE on earth and GOODWILL TOWARDS all men!!

We as Christians are to show goodness towards all men.  The bible doesn’t say that there will be peace on earth–our earth will have a mess.  One watch during the news hour is enough to depress anyone.  The hurt, the sadness going on can be depressing.  But we have more than that in life.  We have more than that to offer to others.  We need to be reaching out and sharing that peace and contentment that we possess only because of the love of Jesus Christ.  Watch and pay attention to the little things in life.  Look for opportunities to bless someone.  People are desperately clinging on to things in this earth that will never bring them the hope and contentment that can only come from Jesus.  We must be willing to share what brings peace in our lives with others.

From our family to yours, be blessed and have a Merry Christmas!

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