measuring accurately and choosing recipes

Measuring accurately is a very important thing to remember when you begin your kitchen skills, especially in baking items.  If you put just a little bit too much of one ingredient in, you might just spoil a whole batch of cookies.  As you gain more skills, you will be able to see, areas where you don’t have to be as precise, and can “estimate” ingredients amounts.

 Study these ways of measuring ingredients so that you will be informed for when it is your turn to bake.

  • When measuring out dry ingredient like flour, sugar, and powdered sugar, fill the plastic measuring cup to the top and use the flat part of a butter knife to level off the top of the cup.
  • When measuring brown sugar, press the bottom of a spoon into the sugar to push it down into the cup.  Then level off.
  • When measuring dry ingredients into a measuring spoon, level off the same way as above.
  • When measuring liquids, use a clear glass or plastic measuring cup. Set it on the counter, and check the line at eye level to ensure proper measurement.

 Choosing recipes

When looking for recipes to try making, look for the healthier choice.  You want recipes that have the most basic natural ingredients.  Those with less ingredients are best and easiest to do.  There is nothing wrong with using a store bought package of an item in your recipe, but for nutritional reasons you want to minimize the amount of processed foods that you are putting into your body.  You should start to think, “if I can make this homemade first, I should,” versus paying someone else to make it for me.