Me on the Map by Joan Sweeney a step book activity


This year a fun, new activity we did for school was to make step books. I like them, they are quick and easy and the girls, ages 7, 6, and 4 seem to love making them.


I found this book at our local library and it was a great introduction to teaching our children about their place in the world.  So we decided to make a step book out of the story.

Here is how ours began, take some construction paper and staple together to make a step book.
DSCN0543we labeled each page with the different names of the maps

top one being…. my room



my house…….


my street…….


my city…..


my state……




my country……


my world………



You can use stickers, or foam pieces to jazz up the pages.  We did end up adding foil stars to the world picture but in the end the 2 year old tore them off and onto my wood floors they went???!!!!?!?










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