Manna bread…….sent from heaven

While reading through my Bible, I came across the instance in Exodus where it talked about Manna.  i had to wonder “What is manna?”  A google search quickly informed me that manna is about the most perfect bread on the planet.  It is simple, nutritious, and delicious and has been the original form of bread for many people for thousands of years.

Traditionally this sprouted bread was made by grinding berry roots between two rocks and laid to bake in the sun.  Todays bread is produced with the same two simple ingredients – whole sprouted grain berries and water.  The grinding and baking are done in a slightly more modernized way but the concept is the same.

Instructions for making manna bread

Purchase some organic whole grain wheat berries.  You will need 2 cups unsprouted for one loaf of bread.

Rinse the beans and place in a mason jar. Attach a panty hose over the top with a rubber band so that you can easily drain the berries over the next few days.    Fill the jar with water and let soak overnight.


Drain in the morning and rinse the berries twice a day for the next 3-4 days.

Be sure to rinse them thoroughly to prevent any spoilage from the berries being matted and not rinsed properly.


I set mine upside down in a bread pan lined with a towel, to make sure all the liquid empties out.

DSCN0677After 3-4 days you will notice the berries have sprouted.  You want them to sprout about the length of the berry and be sweet to the taste before grinding.

Place them in your food processor and grind them into a paste. Add a tad bit of water as needed.

DSCN0873 You will have a thick paste when you are finished.


Mold the mixture into flat loaves and place in a greased pan.DSCN0887

 You will be baking it for about 3-4 hours at a low temperature 160-250 degrees depending upon how low your oven goes.
DSCN0891 - Copy

We are still cooking in the roaster oven and have been successful at making this bread in it.  It will start to brown when finished.



Let cool and place in sealed plastic bags.  Refrigerate or freeze if intending to keep for more than 3-4 days.    The texture is like that of a muffin.  You can top it with honey, fruit, or seeds.  A delicious, very basic bread.



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