Managing a large family series part 8

This is  the final part 8 of our series –managing a large family.  Saturday and Sunday are for family time

Come the weekends, these are times we dedicate to our family time.  I do not schedule any special cleaning chores on these days.  We do our basic everyday chores but that is it.  We leave these days free for family outings, bigger projects with Dad, and any personal projects we might want to spend the day doing.  I never plan on anything for the weekend.  We just go with the flow and see what happens.

My husband is a visionary man who likes to get up and go sometimes.  I as his wife, have learned the blessings of being able to grab the diaper bag, some sandwiches and be out the door for the whole day.  We enjoy being together, park time is our favorite thing to do.

Sometimes on Saturdays my husband will need us to go do some running into town for parts for our business.  We typically all go together and if I didn’t plan ahead for dinner, we might end up eating dinner out.  Which for our family can get quite costly.  I like to plan easy put together meals for this day.  Nachos, tacos, homemade pizza, easy meals like that are quick to put together and usually require no planning ahead to make.

For Sunday meals, I like to make a heartier meal.  I plan on making salsibury steak, cheeseburger meatloaf, or chicken dinners.

The weekends are spent together learning and growing with one another.

I hope you have enjoyed our series, Managing a large family.  Be sure to check out the other entries if you missed any of them.

2 responses to “Managing a large family series part 8

  1. Sweet sister, I can’t even begin to say what an answer to prayer this series has been to me. My husband is also a visionary man, and trying to balance structure and routine and being flexible in the right places has made scheduling mighty overwhelming to me at times. I totally see how thus idea can work for our family-I’m the only female in the house and think our oldest son may potentially be a visionary type also like his daddy. This type of scheduling allows more time for our mancubs to spend with their daddy and learn from his wonderful insight and zeal. Thank you so much for this series. tara

    • Tara, I am so blessed to hear that!! Wow you are the only female?—-You are awesome!!! It is a hard balance but its hard because it goes against what “normal’ society has taught us, we just need to think outside of the box. (smile) I KNOW you are blessed with this type of husband—you sound as though you have learned to enjoy the ride. That is a good thing. Thank you for sharing with me. Be blessed. Amy

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