Managing a large family series part 5

This is part 5 of our series –managing a large family.  Wednesday is baking day.

I really enjoy baking.  This is probably one of my favorite days of the week.  When we had 4 little children, I would spend my time learning how to be a successful baker.  There were many burnt cookies, unrisen bread, and lots of trial and error.  But I got better.  Then I had 6 little ones, and I remember a time not baking a single cookie in 6 months time period.  That is a long time to go without baking around here. That was my time of survival mode—just getting through my days.  But now I am able to spend a set of time on doing something I really enjoy doing, baking for my family.

Here is my list for baking day that we hang on our clipboards:

Download (PDF, 127KB)

This day I like to get up early before the children, get my chores done, which are quick cleaning the main bathroom and begin on baking.

I usually start with making some sort of bread. As bread takes some time to rise and be worked. I can start a big bowl of something and just keep punching it down throughout the day until I am ready to form it into loaves or rolls.  For dinner on Wednesdays we usually make an Italian meal.  My husband really likes homemade bread with his Italian dishes.  This is a good day to serve that.  Starting this meal early, ensures that I won’t have to worry about it during my baking time.

By this time everyone is usually awake and we begin our day.  We do all of the same tasks that we have done previous days, morning chores, daily grooming, and schooling.  The only difference is that I will be doing some type of cooking or baking around these tasks.  The younger girls help out alot on these days.  They love to help prep our veggies for the next few days.


We usually like to have a platter of fresh fruit and cut up vegetables to munch on during the day.  2013-11-04_00067

My younger girls are getting much experience in the kitchen by helping with these simple kitchen tasks.  Plus lessening my workload.2013-11-04_00071

This is a typical container sitting on our counters throughout the day.  I would rather see my children walk by and grab a carrot stick then a cookie or muffin.  Plus it has helped me to lose all of my baby weight by not munching on high calorie snacks.

I usually try and choose to make 2 snacks for the week.  If I have a good day, I will make a big batch of cookies or muffins and then freeze them for later use.  We really enjoy making energy bites, pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, and monster cookies.  I usually always have a container of these in the freezer.  I love the energy bites especially as they are a quick grab to eat and it will satisfy that sweet tooth but healthy for you.

For lunch this day, I like to include the girls and make something special.  We purchase pita bread at our bread store for cheap and we freeze as much as we can.  It is a great thing for homemade pita chips and hummus plus a quick pizza crust.


They love to take the orders of all of the children and make their “special pizzas.”  We use jarred pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and whatever toppings everyone enjoys.  Bake at 400 for about 20 minutes.  Easy, yummy lunch.2013-11-04_00079

We  put some carrot sticks with the pizza for lunch.  We cut our pizza’s with a pair of scissors to make it easier to serve the little ones.2013-11-04_00081

My girls enjoy making homemade pretzels.  It is a fun and easy baking project to make.2013-11-04_00142


On this day, we  try and make a big batch of homemade hummus and pita chips to eat for lunch during the week.  Since we have 20 laying chickens, we have many eggs to use up.  We will typically  hardboil about 2 dozen  for salads and quick eating.

Tomorrow is our errand day and I usually will make an overnight breakfast casserole to put in the oven while we are gone.

This is what a typical baking day will produce.  2013-11-04_00180I also try and make a hospitality meal or treat, to give to someone we know who will be blessed by it.  The Lord says to share what talents we have and food is one of our talents:)

After a long day of baking, the kitchen is usually quite messy.  It is a good day to do our group effort chores and most of them focus on the kitchen.  I usually will do a quick wipe down of the walls and appliances to make sure to get any flour or mess from the day.  I end it with hand washing the floor to make sure to get in all of the corners and baseboards.

Today has been a rewarding day.  We enjoy a home cooked meal, spaghetti is our favorite with some homemade rolls/bread.  A nice piece of homemade cake for snack time and good fellowship all around.

We goto bed, knowing tomorrow is our errand day, I have to know what it is I am going to do in the morning before I goto bed this evening.  Plan ahead, is the key for success.

Up next…Thursday



3 responses to “Managing a large family series part 5

  1. I am utterly stunned that in addition to preparing such wonderful food for a family of 12 that you also manage to work in a hospitality meal! What a great training you are giving to your children (and to me, for that matter : )

  2. I love seeing your daughters being so helpful and having fun while doing it! When I had my first daughter 18 yrs ago I did it all myself. Can we say…easier!! However now I have lots more kids and have learned how to let them help and these children are so much more capable. I missed the boat with the older one but have learned from my mistakes. Love this series.

    • I am guilty of doing the same thing when we just had four young children, I have since learned and these next 6 babies, I am training them up. Teaching and training them for life, that is what it is all about. Thank you.

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