Lower your voice–encouragement vlog #3

Hey ladies…..Hope your having a happy Monday.  I encourage you this week to LOWER YOUR VOICE!!!  Ouch!! This one was good for me, you can ask my friends:)  I challenge you to take on this new habit for the week and see if there are any differences in your home, I am sure there will be. Be blessed as we start out the week with a smile.   Love you ,  Amy!

6 responses to “Lower your voice–encouragement vlog #3

  1. Gina Phillips

    Really going to work on this! I know one of my triggers for sure is the kids dumping things. I had all those organized labeled cubbies in their rooms with the toys all seperated. They would just dump them all out and then no one could follow my system to put it back the right way becuase it was too complex. My husband bought them each a large Rubbermaid type container and told me to dump it all in there. Then when they dump it they can just scoop it back up themselves. My ocd was killing me doing this but I have to say once I let go a little bit in this area it has really given me some peace. Now all my educational toys and Legos and blocks I had to keep seperated. It also helps with clutter because if it can’t fit in the tub something must go.

    • Exactly!!!! I know even as my children are getting older, I have the rubbermaid tubs and one holds toys, one holds duplo, and one has blocks under my child’s bed. I would have never put those within reach a few years ago. For the most part they stay neat, but usually once a week I will go and separate the toys as they get mixed up. Back in the day I would organize them everyday, but I am getting better at leaving it now. Now I separate because the four year old will lose a toy and usually it had gotten put in another bin. A few more years Gina and they will get much better at cleaning up!!!

  2. Great idea about removing the triggers!! 😃.

  3. I have spent about two hours just reading about your family, looking at your posts, etc. I am so glad I found your page! I only wish I had found it sooner!

    • I am sooooo happy to meet you as well Jamie!! I will keep adding things as I can:) Have a great weekend!

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