living room declutter/organize/clean

Living room declutter/organize/clean

We are going to work on the living room this week. Since this is not your own home, before you throw things out or decide to move things, ask your parents if it is okay to do that.  You are gaining skills for your future and at the same time being a blessing to your own family.   This is a room in your home that everyone comes to relax in. It should be a comfortable, peaceful place.

You will need:

  • Bucket with cleaning rag and all natural cleaner
  • Window cleaner and microfiber cloth
  • Wood cleaner and rag
  • Vacuum with crevice tools
  • Broom (for cleaning cobwebs)
  • Basket for items that do not belong
  • Trash bag for garbage

Start with the ceiling.  Use your broom and carefully “sweep” away any cobwebs that may have made a home in the corners of your ceiling.

If you have a ceiling fan, use a wet rag and carefully wipe every blade. You will only have to do this two times per year, but it will make a mess on the floor below so do it before you vacuum.

Wipe any light fixtures on the ceiling as well.

Then move onto the  biggest item in your living room, the couch.  Start by taking off all of the cushions and brushing them off to remove any crumbs.  Use your vacuum crevice tool and vacuum out the inside of the couch.  Be sure to get into all of the crevices. Put the small items found, into the basket to be put away later. When you are finished, put back on the cushions.  Move the couch over and vacuum underneath where it has been setting.  Place the couch back.   If you have any chairs with cushions, do this to them as well.

If you have any tables in here, remove all of the items and use your wood cleaner to spray and then wipe down to remove any dust.  Pay attention to the legs, the back, and any ledges. Before putting any items back on the table, wipe them down.  If they are not wood, use your rag with all purpose cleaner.  If they are wood, you can just use the rag that you wiped the table off with.  You don’t need to apply any more cleaner, it will have enough to clean the objects off.

Coffee tables—are a magnet for accumulation. If your family keep lots of magazines, get permission to go through and decide which ones to keep and which to get rid of.  If they are cooking ones, ask your mother to go through and rip out the recipes she wants to try and you can organize them for her.

If you have any extra magazines that are old, ask to see if you can get rid of them.  If your parents want to hold onto them, organize them neatly and set them all together in the same area.

For the entertainment center, remove all of the videos, DVDs, and gaming items.  Check to see if the videos inside the case match the outside.  Go through them to see if you are able to get rid of any older, unneeded ones.  Wipe down any electronic equipment with the window cleaner sprayed onto a microfiber cloth, remember the backs and sides. Use your wood cleaner to wipe off the wood stand.  Place everything back neatly inside.

Wipe any remotes—which accumulates germs quickly from everyone touching them.  Make a note to wipe these once per week with your weekly cleaning.

Move around the room in a clockwise pattern, cleaning items as you go. Remove items that do not belong and put them where they go.

Throw away burned candles that you won’t burn again. Keep focused and burn the candle completely down until finished and don’t buy any more until that one is burned.

Organize the bookshelves by going through the books.  Are there any that are ripped and need repair.  Any that can be passed along to someone else?  Line them up with the spines straight up and down to create clean lines and a taller shelf.

Keep knick knacks at a minimum.  I know this is not your home, but for your future think before you start collecting a mirage of items.  They will only be a source of constant cleaning and dusting.

Rid your life from things that create more work so that you can enjoy the important things in life.

Move all the big furniture away from its “normal” place and vacuum or sweep under them. Put back into place.

Carefully wipe pictures, wall hangings, light switches, ledges, and heater vents.  Move from the top of the walls and work your way down.  Work in a clockwise pattern around your room.

If you have any window curtains, carefully remove them and wash them in a cold, delicate wash.  As soon as they are finished washing, hang them up to dry.  Carefully pull at the bottoms to help prevent any wrinkles in the material.  If you have blinds, wipe every individual blind to remove dirt.  This only has to be done once or twice per year.  Wash the windows inside and out with window cleaner.  Wipe the frames down as well.

Do a thorough vacuum or sweep of the entire room.