List of Next Step 2nd grade readers

Last week I did my beginner readers list that I  order when my children are just starting to read.  This list is for after they can read those books.  I am having my child who is beginning 2nd grade this year, read these books.

I typically order enough books so that they can read one book per day.  It takes minutes to do, but if you are consistent with it, your child will become more and more proficient at reading.  If they grow tired, as mine do from reading….so many words:) I will read every other page or one that has more words on it.  The key is not to make it a treacherous, boring thing.  Help them out, and encourage them.

Here are books that we have ordered over and over again for all of my children.

A big ball of string
Fred and ted go camping
The Berenstain bears on the moon

 The Bears’ Picnic

Image of item

The Bear’s Vacation

The Pizza That We Made The pizza that we made
A fly went by
Addies bad day
Andy thats my name
Bears in the night

Big dog little dog
Go away dog
Go dog go
Green eggs and ham
 Henrietta series–any of these books are wonderful

 I’ll teach my dog 100 words

 old hat new hat
 pup and hound series
Snow by McKie
The best nest
The bike lesson
The man who cooked for himself
Three by the Sea Three by the sea
Watch your step mr rabbit
A fish out of water
Berenstain bears at the super duper market
 I am not going to get up today

Please try and remember the first day of Octember.

 ***please note my 8 year old brought to my attention that there were immodest bathing suits in this book.  It is a cartoon drawn book but the girls are wearing bikinis.

It’s not easy being a bunny

Image of item

The Hair Book

Ten Eggs in a Nest

PJ Funnybunny Camps Out

The Very Bad Bunny

This list gives you well over a month’s worth of reading with your child.  If they seem to be doing well after going through these books…..move on up to a next level.  I will have a post of my favorite books to read after these ones.

Have a wonderful day!

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