Life Skills for Young Men book ready on Amazon!

Hey everyone, busy, busy week, isn’t it always. I guess the cooler weather down here makes it feel like “winter time” as my children say. In reality it is only 70:)  It means no lake swimming and less being outside because it is cooler:)  We have DEFINITELY acclimated to the southern temperatures.  It allows me to be inside and do work instead of being out in the sunshine:)

We have started school early just  because we aren’t doing anything else, so I have been working in between all of my household duties and getting this book finished for my son.

He wanted to start it at the beginning of the school year and I am thankful to be finished with it so that he could start.  He is on my cover and helped decide what sort of shot we were going to take.  I was thinking him out shoveling in the yard or raking, and he was like ,”Mom, why not have me holding my Bible sitting in the woods.  Isn’t that the most important part of being a man?”  Made my heart smile:)  So we did and I think it looks great!

This book covers 18 weeks of lessons, the same lessons that I will still be posting under the Life Skills for Young Men page. I will be posting every week until it is all finished. But for those of you that would like a hard copy of the same thing, you can purchase it from Amazon.  Click here to get it.

Hope you have a great rest of your day as you head into the weekend!!

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