Life Skills for Guys week 4-5

Hello everyone….I am happy to say that I have finished up the Life Skills for Guys course…so I will be posting multiple weeks together:)

This will allow you to print off ahead and be prepared:)

Here is week 3

Week 4

Be blessed as you help train our young boys up to be men of God.


4 responses to “Life Skills for Guys week 4-5

  1. As always, thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for this course! I am looking forward to the completion. I am trying to put together a course for my son & was wondering how much the rest of this course will be like the Home economics class that you have for girls? (which is awesome btw.. but my oldest daughter is only 9 so I’m not ready for that lol) But my 16 yo needs this course. I especially appreciate the list of books by Bob Shultz, do you have any resources to go with that? I was thinking of getting the study guide to go with I kissed dating goodbye

    • Very similar to the course. Not as much hands on because it is hard to teach a boy how to shave, how to tie a tie, or how to throw a football from a book. I have things written out but suggest that they find an older male or look at youtube videos on how to do some of the skills. Love the books as well. I am not doing a study guide as any more work for my teenager and he probably won’t do it:) It is up for sale on Amazon right now, I am posting it tomorrow. I will still continue to put out weekly lessons until they are all on my site. But if you want the book now, you can get it. HOpe this helps!

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