Life gets busy…….

I was talking recently with a Mother who had 2 children and worked away from the home and she complimented that I must be so busy with ten children and I said to her, “We are ALL BUSY.”  We are Mom’s and the life of a Mom is BUSY.  You may work away from home and have to deal with out side things that drive you crazy and then come home to deal with things still in the home, and my work is no different.  Even though I don’t have to go away from the home to an outside job, I still have busyness like she does, just different.

Thus my lack in blogging.  Life sometimes brings up different things to deal with and things that take up your “free time.”  But it is okay, I know I will come back eventually, hopefully after today it will be a regular thing, that is my plan.  But plans can change in an instance, you never know.

My children are at different stages in their lives, my youngest is now 3 1/2.    You would assume that since my children are more “self sufficient” that I would have more time for myself.  My goodness I used to change three cloth diapers a day, nurse a baby and still have time for blogging:)  But  I didn’t prepare as much food as I do now from scratch.  I didn’t have as many children doing school that needed me more.  I didn’t have older teens that needed to  spend time with to help cultivate heart relationships. It is different.  Just a different season of my life.

This is my first week, in a very long time that I have zero plans to go away from my home.  Do you know that it is the most productive week I have had in a long time and it is only Wednesday?!?!?  We are actively working on getting our schooling done for the year.  As the weather starts to warm up here in the Carolina’s who wants to do school?  Well I actually have it planned that my children still do “some” school to keep them busy–another blog post:)  But we are trying to finish up this year’s so that we can get tested and then put this year behind us.  We are down to just a few subjects so we are able to double them up and get them done quickly, and that helps when you stay home and can designate your time to that.

I have been enjoying working outside and doing spring clean up in the yard.  We have snakes and things here, so I am paranoid Mom to get into the woods and rake out leaves in the fall time–so we left them, but in the early spring we were able to clean them all out and get it ready for the season.  I dug up some ground and planted a “mini garden” for us to enjoy this summer.  I planted onions, sugar snap peas, kale, spinach, and a few types of lettuce leaves.  I started cucumber seeds indoors in egg cartons and will buy a few tomato plants here this next week.  Simple and easy but still something for the children and myself to enjoy picking out of.  I am waiting to see what is going to sprout up, as the dog thought it was a good idea to lay where I planted my seeds?!?!!? I don’t know how many got moved, so we will have to see this week what we need to replant.  Seeds take time to sprout and grow.  Planting them and not knowing whether they will sprout up and if I will have to plant some again, gives me anticipation to check everyday which ones are coming up and which ones I am waiting for.  I think it is like the seeds that we plant in other people’s lives.  We plant them and we wait.  Oh we want so much to go out and “force them” to start sprouting.  We wait and watch and hope that they will bring forth good fruit.  But it takes time. Just as my garden spot is going to take time.  Time to water it, cultivate it, and check in on it and see how it is doing.  But when those seeds have grown to strong sturdy plants and those big, red tomatoes are plump and ready to pick that is good fruit!!!  Yes, I may have to replant new seeds for those that did not sprout in hopes that  they will take root and begin again, but that will be something I look forward to doing.

Don’t ever give up in well doing for what God has called you to do. Even though you may plant little seeds in dead areas that need life desperately and you do not see things coming forth, don’t give up.  Keep on and plant again.  Water it, cultivate it, nurture it, and wait.  Until God tells you to stop, you continue doing what it is He has called you to do.

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up

Galatians 6:9

As you go about your day…….make it a point to smile when you want to frown.  Speak positive words when you want to say something negatively.  Give a hug to someone just because.  Act on LOVE today.  Have a blessed day!




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  1. Yay-you’re back! I only read 2 (sometimes 3) blogs so I’ve missed yours 🙂 The last paragraph of yours I will keep with me all day today intentionally, thanks for the reminder and glad you’re back 🙂

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