Large family room by room series kitchen

Hello everyone.  Hope your day is going well.  Yesterday’s video was supposed to include this with it, but after realizing my video was too long, I had to chop it.  Thus the reason for not starting out with a “real” introduction on this video:)  I apologize.  But it at least has how we do our kitchen.  Enjoy your day and the video!

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  1. Nice new look to your blog. I have one of the side by side fridge/freezers, but I recently heard from 2 different people that the ones with freezer on top and fridge on bottom seem to hold more. I think I agree, when we are in the market for a new fridge in the future, I will probably go back to the freezer on top one.

    • Thats interesting. I have been reading reviews and some have said that the freezer causes the top of the refrigerator to be frozen?!?!? I don’t know if that is true or not. We will still research and save some money first!!! I am glad you like it, I am trying to improve it, when I can:) Hope your doing well and hopefully feeling spring time like:) Have a great day!

      • Now that you mention it, we have an older refrigerator with the freezer on top at our church, and it does get too cold and freezes items at top of refrigerator. I will be curious what kind you end up with after your research, keep us posted if you can about what you end up getting. Yes, loving the spring!!

        • Thank you for that information—–I think we will have to just stick with one giant refrigerator. I’ll keep ya posted as we do it. Gotta save some money:) Oh wait, is it spring?!?!?!? LOL this weather has been changing so strangely.

  2. great to see your video. my kitchen is very cluttered and I seem to be hoarding food for some type of nuclear disaster. I would like to get my kitchen looking like yours.

    • I know, I’ve been there before:) Its good to have a stock of supplies, but not too much overwhelmingness:)

  3. We have a full size fridge (no freezer attached, just a fridge) and a full size freezer. The idea came from a friend with 15 kids. It works great for us. It’s great to have so much room for big grocery hauls.

    • Oh, that is an idea. Because I don’t really use the freezer upstairs, we have two downstairs. I’m gonna definitely look into that. Thank so much for that advice!!

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