large family natural health series part 1

health by Praisaeng,

My husband and I went for his annual check up this week and it brought some good reminders that we were getting OLD.  Except for the usual, you need to exercise more and eat healthier, most everything was fine.  But it still let me know that I am getting old and my body is NOT going to last forever.

I have been diligently working these past few years at changing the way that WE eat as a family.  After our doctors appointment I finally got the okay from my husband to serve our whole foods diet that I have been wanting to do exclusively.  As anyone knows, it is super hard to try and stay on track when you have no real support for eating healthy.  I can do really well for a week straight and then the weekend comes and my husband wants to take us to the local pizza buffet.  Or better yet, wants to take us out to Chinese.  Then those few pounds that I worked so hard at losing, take a back seat for pizza!!!Now, that we are BOTH on the same page it makes life sooooo much easier.

I myself have been at a standstill since last year when I put out my modest mom weight loss challenge.   I started out, with good intentions of course, this summer of walking and eating healthy, but life happened and I had excuse after excuse after excuse.  I would work hard one week and then the next week fail.  I just gave up.  Well now that my husband has to make a few adjustments to his diet my healthy eating just took a front seat.

We also are committed to walking at a minimum of 3 times per week.  This will make all the difference in the world.  You can change your diet, but if you eat pretty well the only way to lose that fat is to MOVE.

Why are we doing all of this??  Definitely not to fit into the latest bikini swimwear—we wear a modest dress bathing suit.  We are doing this so that we can be healthy ,live a long happy life, free of pill addiction and medical problems.  I say this with the hopes that the Lord will bless me with abundant health if I hold up my end of the bargain as best I can.

This series is dedicated to all of the “natural alternatives” that my family will be embarking on this year instead of using the traditional methods for healing our bodies.

Up next……look for how I made my first tonic for the flu.

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