Large family declutter week 3

When you walk into a kitchen the FIRST thing that you notice is the counter tops and if they are cluttered or not.  A home IS NOT homey by having a counter full of things.  There is ABSOLUTELY  no need to have EVERYTHING on your counters.  If you want to declutter your kitchen quickly—-clear off some counter space.  Now this does not mean you should take everything and shove it into a cupboard—NO!!!  You need to find a place for everything.

The insides of your cupboards should be clean as well as your drawers.  The last thing to do is the surface.  There is probably some type of paper clutter in here—-REMOVE it.  If you need to have a spot in here, designate an area for that.

Put appliances AWAY.  It takes only a few extra seconds to take out your appliances to use them.  I use our water kettle all day long, I leave that on my counter top.  I have no toaster, no blender, or no salt and pepper shakers.  Everything is put AWAY.


I do store my large kitchen spoons on the counter in this container.  I find that if they are in my drawers they are more susceptible to getting jammed inside, so I put them in here.  Out of the way, but convenient for me as I am mixing up some meals.


I took a photo of what I use to dry my dishes on now.  I used to have a drying rack BUT it took up so much space on the counter and then I felt it was a pain to keep taking it out for each meal.  I got this XL microfiber drying mat from Walmart for like $6. The BEST investment.  This has minimized the amount of dish towels we use and it absorbs so much water.  I LOVE it.  Well worth the small investment.  I keep 2 in rotation.

I have nothing else to show you for the counter tops.  I have nothing else to obstruct my work, nothing else to have to wipe down each week, nothing else to create more STUFF in my life.  It works best this way.

Clear it off!!!! Find a place for everything, put away all the pretty knicknacks and decorations.  Keep it simple.  Make your life simple.

If you are worried you will miss it, put it in your box to donate and then let it sit.  If you decide in a few weeks that you REALLY want it back, go get it out.

CONGRATULATIONS you are FINISHED with your kitchen.  If you bought the book there is ONE MORE STEP for this room, but we will not do a post on it.  Look for next weeks—the Dining room.

Interested in digging deeper into decluttering your home??  My ebook is available to purchase and covers all these series and more.

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  1. I find that because our kitchen and dining room are thr primary places that we do schoolwork during the day they tend to get cluttered up with workbooks, pencil boxes, etc. how do you handle school clutter? Or do you have a separate room for that? Thanks!

    • For myself, we have a small basket that I keep on my countertop and it holds our books and folders and pencils. I can move it to the bookshelf when we are finished with school, but when I need it during the day all my items are within reach. This works well for us. Keeps the clutter contained.

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