large family birthday dinner and strawberry pretzel dessert

Around our household we have a birthday celebration almost every month.  This past month it was my oldest son, Collin’s 18th birthday.



Here he is getting his “gifts” from his younger sisters.  Can you tell, we don’t buy pop or candy often?  I think he ended up with a few 2 liters of pop and bags of candy. Might seem like a strange gift for some, but for us it is a special treat:)

For each person’s special day, we like to let them choose what foods we are to eat on their birthday.  Collin is my non-complacent child.  He is happy with whatever I make.  I have to pay attention to what he says he likes and then make them because he won’t tell me:)

Since we just had Easter and have leftover ham in the freezer this was a great lunchtime meal.  Ham skillet, very easy and tasty.  This has been one of this favorite meals, since he was a little boy. Click here for recipe.


For his dinner meal, we went with party snacks.  This he was pleased with. We made a huge variety and then everyone can pick and choose their favorites.  Here are some that we made:


Hot dogs wrapped in turkey bacon--a staple for major holiday celebrations.


Homemade chicken nuggets.  These are great for the little ones and big ones too.

He loves our sub-style homemade pizza and we added this to the buffet for dinner.2014-05-01_00105


Pigs in a blanket–isn’t this a staple at everyone’s home?

088 e1389072785306 153x300 Cheese ball snowman recipe

A snowman? You say, in the middle of spring?  Well we really like this cheeseball snowman recipe and make it for all our gatherings, but for some reason I do not have a photo yet of just  a regular shaped ball.  We serve this with Wheat thins, Ritz crackers and sliced sausage.  So simple to make, would never go back to buying a store made one, ever.2013 12 25 00087 300x225 dill pickle ham roll ups recipeHam and pickle roll ups.  These might not look the best, but they are very tasty.  My “men” really can eat the entire plate that we put out.  Really?026 150x150 large family food idea snacks homemade hummus and pita chips

Since I always have some cut up vegetables and fruit out with our meals, I made some of our homemade hummus and pita to serve as well.  We make hummus usually once per week at a minimum.  So simple and inexpensive.

2013 10 25 00028 300x225 large family easy snack idea taco dip

Nacho taco dip.  This recipe is made by our 8 year old. It is one of her favorites to make.  

Okay, did that seem like ALOT of food?  Not in this family.  Now for his dessert……

Collin is not a big cake man.  He has ALWAYS loved Strawberry pretzel dessert since he was a little boy.  Since his birthday comes at about the same time that strawberries start appearing in our grocery store, it works out perfectly to make it for his celebration.


We even put candles inside of the jello?!!?!?He is looking a little too relaxed, think he was having a busy work day:)IMG_20140501_203509

Happy Birthday Collin!  We are blessed to have you as our son.  We are excited for what the Lord is going to bring into your life this next coming year and pray that you continue to seek Him diligently.  Love you.IMG_20140430_170005





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