Increasing your faith…..

I was reminded this week about the importance of increasing my faith in God.  I started thinking about how easily it is to put my “faith” in things other than Him.  How easily I can listen to others and put my “faith” in things that were heard.

This isn’t the faith that God wants us to have.

Taking offense towards someone produces bad faith.  The bible says:

….faith comes by hearing…

Romans 10:17

What is it that we are listening to and putting our faith into?  We do things  because we “hear” something.

Take heed what you hear.  You can get faith from the wrong thing.  If it is scriptural you should receive it.  It will make you :

 ….be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord….

1 Corinthians 15:58

If it is strife, it will create “faith: that is not a good faith.  It will create imaginations and thoughts that are not of the Lord and you will take offense at things.

All someone has to do is say, “watch out for that person.”  As soon as you see that person, immediately you put up a wall and your “faith” sets you back from them.  You don’t even give that person a chance to say 2 words to you.  But your “faith” spoke to you and this is what it produces.

Faith creates all the strife in the world.  But on the wrong side.

When you have God faith it will create light.  It will never speak evil, it will never become offended, it will never leave you, or forsake you.  Its added with love.  Love never fails.  Faith works by love.

Instead of blowing something up it creates something.  Love smooths out the wrongs.

Do you know why the bible says that God will never remember you sins?  How does He do that?  It isn’t by memory—because even we can remember people’s sins and probably remind them of that all of the time.  We judge people every time we look at them, even when they have been forgiven.  God’s faith is so powerful, it destroys your past.  That is the type of faith that we should want to live by.

Take heed…….to pay attention to where your “faith” is coming from.

We live by faith….not by sight

2 Corinthians 5:7

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  1. Hi amy, just red your post. How, with all the religions which surround us and all the informations, can we focus on God ? How not to be influeced by people even when we read our bible every single day ? Sometimes I just feel like I am INTERPRETING ( it is the right word ?) my bible ‘s words ! And I am never sure that it is enough for God. For example, nobody told me that I have to cover my head when I am praying but it is in the bible … So ok let’s do that but i wonder if it isn’t too much and where is my real faith in all of that (hope you understand my english !) thank you amy

    • Vanessa, I know it can get overwhelmingly hard at times. We have become an over-religious society. Every group out there is reading from the same bible and yet there are so many different interpretations of it. We need to not be so wrapped up in “religion” but be wrapped up in God. Now, religion has it’s place, don’t misinterpret what I have said, but we can so many times, “listen” to other people, instead of listening to what God says. Read your bible, ask God for wisdom and understanding of what it is you are reading. Read it slowly so that you can understand it. It is more about the quality instead of the quantity. If your “real faith” isn’t in head coverings than maybe God does not want you to do that. God will speak to you and tell you what you need to do. I have friends that cover and those who do not. I can see both sides of it. Who is right? I don’t know, but only God knows. He is going to reveal to you something that maybe he won’t reveal to me. We are both in different areas of life. We have to go by what God’s spirit is speaking to us. If we accept the Lord and let His spirit live in us, we walk with Him. When we ask the Holy Spirit to guide us daily, it is then God who walks within us. When we do things it is out of faith. Don’t let your fleshy mind act upon and doubt the things God is showing to you. If you are seeking the Lord in prayer and bible reading, then when a thought comes in your mind and it is good—He is speaking to you. Listen to it, act upon what He says. His ways are not confusing, or difficult, or cause stress, His ways are good. The more you listen and act out what He says, the easier it will get. The easier you will see your faith grow. You will be able to look at things and think, “Wow, that is so the Lord!” That will happen each and everyday. That is how you get stronger, you no longer doubt things, you no longer “wonder” you just do, because you know it is from Him. Hope this is encouraging. Be blessed.

      • Thank you so much for your answer ! I realize that God should free me and because of my way of thinking I imprison me more ! It probably comes because I grew up with jehovah witnesses and they dont establish a real relationship with Jesus because they consider Jesus like a kind of prophete. And to be good, they just have to follow the rules … I have to consider Jesus as my saviour before , I really do but in my heart maybe not ! Thank you so much amy, be blessed too.

  2. Hello Amy, I just want to ask you a question. There is, in France, a christian site TOP CHRETIEN and there is a craze for Joyce Meyer and others christian leaders. What do you think about her and all of this big speakers ? thank you amy

    • Vanessa, Good day to you. What do I think about Joyce Meyer and other Christian leaders? If you would have asked me that question a year ago my answer would sadly be……..”She is one of those feminist radicals, pushing for woman to be above men.” The teaching that I was taught was that woman are to be silent and to not speak up. Submit to husband and don’t do any more than what is within your 4 walls of your home. My heart longed to reach out to other woman, but my mind was saying, “you can’t do that, you will be usurping authority above your husband.” It was a bondage I was in. I looked at other woman preachers and speakers and inwardly, thought it was wonderful they were helping other woman, but the place I was at in life was saying “she is a feminist—trying to be the head”. When I finally started searching out scriptures and reading the book of corinthians in depth, God changed my heart. I learned a freedom that could ONLY come from Him. He does not want us to stay in this bondage of being quiet, never speaking up, and not helping others. He has given everyone a voice, a song in their hearts, a will to do things. I started listening to Joyce myself and with an open heart, I realized she is doing what God is having her do. She is doing it with the blessing of her husband. She is not being above him, she is obedient to him. God can touch many woman through her because of her past and her struggles in life. Now if she just stayed home and was silent, how are all those woman going to realize the power that God can give us to set us free from sin and bondage? Do I agree with everything? I don’t know, we are all human beings, we ALL have flaws, you can’t look at someone and think they are a “perfect” person, because we all sin and can do wrong. I have only felt this way recently because the Lord is doing the same work in my heart. He has freed me from thinking I can’t speak. He has put a new song in my heart. Yes I love my husband and submit to him. I ask him if he is okay with what I do and my husband has spoke that I can and that he fully supports me. That is the key. He knows that God is speaking to me and that he is going to use me to impact other woman. He is not going to stand in the way of that. So, Do I have a problem with woman speakers? No way! God uses everyone, not just men to impact His kingdom, but I believe it starts with us and our hearts. If our hearts are turned towards God and want to do His will, then we need to listen. But if we have any bit of sin or thinking we are better than others and deserve something, then I think our hearts are not right. We need to examine ourselves and ask God where He wants us. I say seek God first Vanessa, pray for a pure heart and clean hands. God will do the rest in your life. He will guide you and direct you to where you need to be. Be blessed Amy

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