ice cream treats in a cup

IMG_20140603_221354These were fun to make. There were no rules, we just created whatever we wanted to.  We had a big pail of vanilla ice cream and the following all ready to layer in whatever way we wanted:

  • chopped up Reeses peanut butter cups
  • crushed Oreo cookies
  • chopped up Girl scout coconut cookies—so good
  • caramel sauce
  • chocolate syrup
  • chopped peanuts

I let the children pour some syrup in the bottom of the cups and then we put a mini scoop of ice cream and then some candy or cookies. Some more syrup and then topped it with ice cream.

The greatest thing about these is that they do not  freeze solid.  What is so good about that you might ask?  You can pull out your popsicle stick and eat it like ice cream in a cup but it still works if you want to lick it on a stick too.


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