how to vacuum

How to vacuum

Vacuuming is about thoroughly doing the entire floor of carpet.  It is easy to skip around the edges or underneath objects, because you do not see them.  What can happen is that you may notice a darker line around the edge of your room. That is dirt that has accumulated and usually it is where the edge of your vacuum reaches.  The best way to get rid of that is by getting your crevice/edge tool and attach it to your vacuum.  Go around the entire corners of your room.  Move in a clockwise pattern.  Remember to go underneath furniture that cannot be moved.  After you have done the edges, start on the surface of the floor.  Move in a left to right, back to front pattern.  You need to go over the carpet more than one time to make sure that all of the dirt has been picked up.  Do it slowly, to give the machine time to suck up the dirt.  If you notice that it is leaving some pieces behind, check to make sure that your vacuum doesn’t need cleaning out.  It is pointless to continue vacuuming if it isn’t picking up all of the dirt.  Stop, and take the time to clean it out. Work your way out of your door.

Then you can stand back and enjoy a freshly vacuumed carpet.  It may only last for a few seconds, but for a moment you can enjoy.