how to sweep floors

How to sweep floors

Floors can accumulate lots of dirt especially when you have a number of people walking all over them.  The kitchen is usually a high-traffic area  where food can get dropped and sometimes pushed in the corners.  Sweeping a floor isn’t too hard of a job.  Usually it just takes practice at noticing that you forgot to sweep an area.

First thing that you do is to remove any rugs and objects off of the floor.  Carefully pick up rugs and take them outside to shake. Don’t shake them indoors, it will only make more of a mess.

Choose a broom that is comfortable for you, one that is light and not heavy.  Angled type brooms work great for getting into corners and this is especially helpful in the kitchen.  My favorite broom is a rubber broom.  You can find these online and are fairly inexpensive.  They pick up dust and hair more consistently than a regular broom.

Try and keep continuous contact with the floor, without pressing the broom strands down on the floor. Pay attention to corners and edges, where dirt can easily get left behind.

Begin on a section away from your body and work towards your body, in a gentle sweeping motion.  Some people like to work on the perimeter and end up in the center of the floor. Others, who have a larger area to sweep, might prefer to sweep from one side of the room to the other, by pulling the dirt with them.  Whichever method you prefer, the more you do it, you will realize the most effective way to sweep.

Carefully sweep your pile of dirt into your dustpan and carry it to the trash.  Be careful to avoid any overhead fans that may be on, to disrupt your dirt pileJ

To check for thoroughness, you can run a rag along the edges of your floors to see if you were effective at picking up all of the dirt.  If you didn’t,  you may have to go back over that area again.