how to separate an egg

How to separate eggs

It is best to do this when eggs are chilled. It helps the yolk to stick together better. 

  1.   Carefully crack the egg, in the middle of the shell against a side of the bowl.
  2. Hold the egg so that the cracked part is facing up. Pry open the egg gently, catching the yolk in half of the shell. Do this above a bowl, making sure no part of the yolk or the shell falls in.
  3. Let the white slide into the bowl. Take the eggshell half with the yolk sitting in it and switch the yolk to the other half, making sure it doesn’t fall into the bowl or “melt”. Repeat this about three times, switching from side to side as the white continues to drip into the bowl.
  4. It is best to do these one at a time in a separate bowl, then transfer to the mixing bowl.  That way if you mess up on your last egg, you won’t have to re do all of the eggs.

This takes practice.  Know that if you accidentally get any yolk into your egg whites, they will not beat up into white fluffy peaks. 

If this method is difficult you can also use your hands.

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly. 
  2. Have someone crack an egg into your hand cupped slightly. 
  3. Carefully let the white part slide from your fingers into the bowl. 
  4. Carefully keep the yolk cupped inside your hand. 

This is just an easier way, with practice you will get skilled doing it with the shell.