How to have an open mic


We like to have a ministry for teenagers at our home and we call it Open Mic.  Once a month we open our home to whoever wants to come and listen to some good Christian music.  Sometimes we get a bunch of teens to get up there and sing, sometimes they just sit and listen.   I  amazed at the talented youth that we have.  I would NEVER get up there and do that, thank goodness my children have Daddy’s musical gene:)  You can click here to view my daughters 16th birthday party and see how we typically held them in our basement.2014-05-21_00041

Now that it is warmer out, we like to hold these outdoors.  But how can you set up a band on your grass?  With free pallets.  We went and made endless trips to our local stores and got pine pallets.  We then screwed ply wood to the top of it.  Wallah!!! We have a stage.


Here my son is doing his sound checks.  He typically plays Manic Drive, Thousand Foot Crutch, Switchfoot, Hawk Nelson, Hillsong United, Plumb,  and Kutless.  I am sure there are more, those are just ones that stuck out in my head:)


Here Lauren and Collin are playing Holy is our King.  They do an amazing version of this song.  2014-06-03_00268

Sometimes we just sit around the fire and sing.  It doesn’t matter, we just try and actively include the teenagers, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Music is such a powerful influence in our lives, especially in teenagers. It can affect our moods, our actions, and our brains.   If we can show them that there is an alternative that sounds like the same type of music that they listen to but with a positive message, then we have done a good job.

Now what is a party without snacks?  We always provide yummy snacks for open mic. Sometimes it is a Mexican bar, sometimes hot dogs, and sometimes snacks.  This time we made some rice krispy treats with the help of little brother Jentzen.  Since we had a bomb fire we did Smores with cookies and graham crackers,  double chocolate crumble and brownie and fruit skewers.

It is much easier to get all of the foods done, if you enlist with some of the teenage help:) Thanks Molly and Lauren for helping make these.  Afterwards they were great to just throw the sticks into the fire.  I will definitely be making these again, they were very tasty like chocolate covered strawberries.




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