how to entertain a group of small children

At one time in your life, you may get “stuck” in having to watch a group of little children.  Maybe it will be in an emergency situation or maybe you will be asked to watch a class for a few minutes at church.  Whatever the reason, you  should be prepared and have some know-how in how to entertain little children.   Here are a few things that you can do to keep them occupied:

  • first things, remember to keep them safe.  If you take them outside or to a park, watch them the ENTIRE time.  Little ones are good to run off, when you aren’t paying attention.  Accidents can happen quickly, by paying attention to what they are doing, you will help minimize any accidents that may occur.
  • Skip your cell phones, put it away and put your FULL attention on them.
  • color a picture–simple basic and you can impress them with your amazing drawing skills.
  • playdough—usually every household has this.  You can also amaze them with your ability to make ice cream cones, pizzas, really cool animals and any other great skills you have.
  • make a fort—building a simple construction out of blankets and chairs is a fun thing for little ones.
  • make paper airplanes—Google how to make the fastest paper airplane.  Keep this in your memory, it will come in handy one day!
  • learn a few funny jokes and riddles–another Google tool.  There are some neat things that you can remember to help keep young minds thinking.
  • If you are suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a bunch of toddlers—follow the leader is a great game to play. Just make sure that they stay with you.
  • Play simon says and duck, duck goose.
  • If you have a group of older children, learn how to play kick the can, freeze tag, and hide and go seek.  All fun outside games.
  • Any kind of neat things that you can learn how to make out of paper, would be fun for a child. Have you ever made paper football??? That is a simple thing to make and play.  These are all available to Google and store in that brain of yours.

Having  a few activities that you know you can do, will help save you from stressing out in the event that you are stuck with watching a handful of little ones.  Have a plan, you never know when you will need it.

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