how to dust

How to dust

Even though those feather dusters look cute in the store, the problem with them is that they just “push” the dust to a new area.  We want to get rid of the dust.  The best way to do that is with a microfiber cleaning cloth.  Depending upon what I am cleaning, I have one for wood and one for non-wood items.  I spray the cloth first with wood cleaner or window cleaner and then wipe the items down.  The cloths will capture the dust.

If you have items with intricate carvings, use a clean-natural bristle paint brush to remove dust out of the tiny nooks and then wipe with  a microfiber cloth.

When you are dusting, make sure to wipe around the entire object. If you are able to move it and wipe under it, then great.  If not make sure to do all around it.  If it is close to the floor, make sure to wipe along the bottom to remove any pet hair.

Use the same “clock method” when dusting. Start in one area at the top to the bottom.  Then move to your right, beginning at the top and working down. Pay attention to ceilings for those cobwebs, on top of window fixtures, all the way down to the baseboards.  Even look under the ledges of tables, couches, etc.  Those little dust bunnies can accumulate and then suddenly appear when your windows are open on a breezy day.

To help cut down on dust in your home, make sure to clean any furnace, dehumidifiers, or air conditioner filters at least once per month if not more.   This will make them more efficient and also cut down on the flow of dust in your home.