how to clean a bathroom

This will probably be the dirtiest room in your home.  If you don’t take care of it, it will be the smelliest as well.  Here is a run down of how to clean a bathroom in its entirety. If you do this once per week, you should be good.

  1. Empty the waste basket.  Place a recycled shopping bag in here to keep the can clean.  Remember to check the bottom of the can for any trash that may be sticking to the bottom. Wipe up any wetness in the bottom of the can.  All of this will help keep bacteria from growing and will prevent smelly trash.
  2. Begin with the sink.  Spray some cleaner all over the sink.  Use a wet sponge and wipe down the sink handles, the counter top, and the rim of the sink.  Pay attention to the back of the sink, underneath items, any cups that hold toothbrushes, and any soap dishes.  Wipe down the inside of the sink.  Rinse your sponge out as needed when wiping this.
  3. Move to toilet.  Flush it first.  Spray the rim, the inside, and around the edges with cleaner.  Take your sponge and wipe the top of the toilet—the cleanest and move to the dirtiest last.  Wipe off the handle, the back of the toilet, and the lid.  Lift the lid and wipe the seat of the toilet.  Then wipe the inside of the toilet.  Don’t worry, you can wash your hands later.  Clean all around the inside, up into the area where the water comes out and deep down into the tunnel going into the floor.  Flush your toilet to remove the dirty water and add more cleaner as needed.  As your bowl gets clean, you can use this water to rinse your sponge in and then you can continue wiping the toilet.  Then move up and wipe the rim of toilet and the bottom sides of it.  When you are finished, rinse your sponge one last time in the toilet and then flush.
  4. The tub/shower.  Sprinkle some abrasive cleaner on the bottom of the shower.  You probably need more of an abrasive scrubber sponge for this.  Scrub the bottom of the shower.  Make sure to scrub this well as bacteria likes to accumulate here.  Move around the rim of the tub and up the sides.  When you think you have scrubbed well, rinse it down and then take your hand and run it along the inside of the tub.  If you feel yuck, rescrub that area.  Move up to the sides of the shower.  Remove any shampoo bottles and wipe underneath.  Wipe up the walls and remove any marks on them.  **Want to know how to cut down on having to scrub this so much during the week???  After you shower, rinse down the walls of your shower EVERY TIME.  This will not allow soap and grime to accumulate on the walls.  It will make the next time you clean it, much easier.
  5. About once per month–take your shower curtain and carefully put it in the washing machine with some thick towels–about 4-5.  Run it through a regular wash and then when finished, hang it back up on the curtain rod.
  6. Wipe the floors.  Since your toilet is clean–you can pour some cleaner in the toilet and use this as your wash bucket.  Squeeze out the sponge and wipe the floor.  Start at the farthest area away from the door.  Wipe around the toilet, well.  Wipe this a second time, this is where urine collects and can make your bathroom smell.  When wiping around the cabinets, if they are dirty, do a quick wipe to remove any dirt.  Rinse your sponge if needed as you are wiping.  Make your way, out the door.

Alright—you can successfully clean a bathroom—-not bad.

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