how to chop carrots

  1.  Since carrots are a root vegetable and grow in the ground, they have a dirty outer layer that needs to be removed.  Use a vegetable peeler, and remove the outer edges of the carrot sticks. 
  2. Then use a knife to chop off each end of the carrot and discard.  Now, you have something to work with.
  3. Place one vegetable on the cutting board. With your non-dominant hand, hold the vegetable firmly in place with the surface of your nails pointing toward and parallel to the blade. Ensure that your nails are closer to the blade than the skin of your fingers. For soups, you can usually just slice these into thin coin shapes.  Carefully hold onto the carrot, as it will roll if you don’t hold it firmly.
  4. With your cutting hand, firmly grasp the knife at the handle keeping your index finger and thumb at either side of the upper part of the blade, or your index finger on top of the blade in order to ensure stability. Make sure your fingers cannot slide under the blade.
  5. Your cutting motion will be similar to that of a paper cutter.  Where the front part of your knife touches the board at the top and then slices through the carrot.  It should be a smooth cutting experience, not a forceful “chop.”