how to chop a potato

This unit you will be making a soup.  You might want to leave the skins on the potatoes.  Some prefer to peel them off. Whichever way you enjoy, you can do. 

If you are going to leave the skins on the potatoes, scrub them under cool running water to remove dirt. 

If you are going to remove the skins, use a vegetable peeler and remove all outside skin.  You can do this into a large bowl that has been placed in the sink, to prevent your potato peelings from flying around.

  1. To start the dice, cut the potato into planks lengthwise.  Try and hold the potato together when cutting, as you did with the onion.
  2. After you’ve cut the potato into planks, roll it a quarter turn, and cut the planks into rectangular strips lengthwise.  Again try holding the potato together to cut down on your chopping time.
  3. Holding the strips together, turn them and cut across the them crosswise to make cubes