how to avoid ironing

How to avoid ironing

I have never used an iron regularly in my home.  When we were first married and I didn’t know much about hanging up your clothing right away to avoid wrinkles, I would iron my husband’s shirts with a pan of hot water!  We own an iron now but we use it for those melty beads my children like to make.  My daughter uses it for ironing her quilt squares, but I can honestly say I have not used it for clothing since those beginning days of marriage.

If we have dress outfits, I hang them up immediately after they come out of the wash.  I pull down on them to smooth out the wrinkles.  Sometimes I might put them in the dryer for a few moments and then take them out while still damp to straighten and smooth.

If we are wearing an item that is slightly wrinkled from being in the closet, we hang in the bathroom while someone showers.  The steam will help remove the wrinkles.

I also do not buy anything that isn’t wrinkle free on the tag.  It just makes more work for you, something we can avoid.