How I will save $50 this month on Starbucks coffee

I enjoy a good cup of coffee from Starbucks.  Hazelnut Macchiatos are my VERY favorite.  I used to get them more than once per week.  Then we scaled back to just getting them once a week.  I am thankful we live in the land of Starbucks.  There is a Starbucks almost on every corner where we live now, but my pocket book does not like that.  Plus the amount of wasting, I am doing.  Really?!? $5 for 2 shots of coffee plus about 1 cup of milk??!!  So not good.  But I buy them and I need to wean myself off of them.  Or do I????

I used to make these coffee drinks and they taste to me like the Starbucks frappuchinos that you can get in a glass bottle.  But to me they are creamy.  I have since moved away from that taste and moved onto Iced Macchiatos.  They are lighter—I went from nonfat milk to coconut milk that they serve now.  It has 2 shots of espresso and some flavored syrup.  It is less calories and for me, if I am going to get some caffeine power, I want the most for my buck.  I don’t want to waste empty calories on a fancy drink.

After talking with a worker, I know how they make it, why would I not try and duplicate it at home??  Well pure laziness is the answer.  Today was a day, I really wanted a coffee but was not going out, so I thought I would attempt one.  It was a good attempt.


I started out with my quart sized canning jar.IMG_20150411_150808

I then opened up my coconut milk in a can.  I added about half of it to the jar.IMG_20150411_150816

This is going to be an extremely cheaper drink as the coconut milk in a can is about $1 -$1.25.  You can even make your own by grinding up coconut and water in a blender.  I am out so I opted for a can of the milk.IMG_20150411_150827

I then filled my jar up with about 1 cup of crushed ice.  IMG_20150411_150904

I am an instant coffee girl.  It is cheaper, it is quicker and its good.  So I heated up my water and put 2 Tablespoons of coffee into my coffee cup.  Use a separate cup to mix the coffee in.IMG_20150411_151022

I added about 2 shot glasses of water in with the coffee granules.  I mixed it up so that the coffee granules were dissolved.IMG_20150411_151041

I then poured it into my quart jar.IMG_20150411_151046

It looks just like my Macchiato.  But how will it taste…….hmmm

Well, for one, I forgot my sweetener.  So I added about 2 scoops of sugar to this.  You can use syrup, honey, or any other type of sweetener.  I just added sugar to test out my drink.  I then thought it was too creamy.  So I added more water to the jar.  I filled it the rest of the way up with more water.  I assume that coconut milk in a jar is concentrated so that made sense.


Then I tasted it…………….and YES it tasted like my Starbucks drink. It definitely has the caffeine power of them.  I only drank about half of this jar and was feeling the effects of caffeine.  So it is a pretty potent drink.  I love it!! The taste from the coconut milk makes it delicious.  When I get the hazelnut syrup from Starbucks I can’t taste it in the coconut milk so this to me, tastes exactly the same.

Try it!! I am sold!! I will save us $50 this month by not buying these drinks while out.  Easy and simple.  Two words I am all about.

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