How I lost 70 pounds twice in 2 years and lost 12 dress sizes!!! a weight loss story

Read about how, I a mom of ten children was able to lose 70 pounds and 12 dress sizes twice in the last 2 years.  You can do it no matter how many children that you have!


Whatever I do in life I usually try to do the best that I can.  When it comes to teaching, feeding, and training my children I try and excel the best I know how.  When it comes to being a wife, I have read many books and try to improve myself–but do fail occasionally mind you.  When it came to my bodily appearance I have not put that as a priority in my life over the years.  Using the excuse that I have all these babies who has time to get skinny?  And thinking, “I don’t need to look good for my husband, he should love ALL of me”.  Mind you my husband has loved me exactly the same through fat and thin—even though I think he prefers the thin—he would never tell me that.  Good man.

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After our first set of four children, I only weighed a bit passed what I weighed when we got married.  Maybe 15 lbs over.

But after having 6 children right in a row and each time gaining 70 lbs, in between babies I didn’t lose enough weight.  I was like a stuffed bag of chips:)  Actually I think I ate numerous bags of chips:)

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Finally the light went off one day.  After reading numerous articles about moms of many being skinny, and seeing a mom with 10 children and she was wearing her wedding dress and it fit!! I knew I had to change.  I thought if this woman who homeschools, has lots of little ones, can lose the weight, I surely can.  It was time for no excuses.  I was ready for some weight loss

After our 9th child was born I was determined.


I didn’t change much of my diet this first time around.  I just cut back on my portion sizes.  I still ate the same homemade foods that my family ate just about half of my normal serving.  I eliminated eating out, if our family grabbed something like pizza or McDonalds, I waited untill I got home and made something healthier.  I started drinking lots of water.  I got a large 20 oz water cup and kept it filled constantly.  I would tell myself okay drink one before you have a snack or 2 before lunch or the whole cup  while nursing.

Then at night-time about 5 times a week, I headed outside to do a 30 minute walk/run in my driveway and yard.  I would run around my house and then walk around my circle driveway.  I listened to music and knew that I had 6 songs to listen to and then I would be finished.  It was fun, a nice stress releaser for my day.  That time in my life was extremely busy. I had 5 children under 5 so I didn’t get outside much at all.  I looked forward to running outside under the stars.  I would put the baby in a swing and while I ran past the window I would do a check to make sure she was sleeping.  For the most part everyone stayed in bed.  Then my husband saw that I was really determined to do this and bought me an elliptical machine.  I kind of missed running outside but then it was springtime and we had lots of rain.  The elliptical was wonderful on my joints–I got a full body workout.  Plus I could do it every night no matter what the weather was.

My weight came off.  In 7 months I had went from 215 lbs down to 145 lbs. Going from a size 18 down to a size 7  I was so excited,  I wanted to keep going but the weight just wasn’t coming off as nicely as I wanted it to and I couldn’t figure out why.  Then I realized ….I was pregnant with #10.


I was determined not to gain so much weight with this baby.  I had already started doing small changes to my diet and lifestyle.

  • I ate salads everyday, I prefer chopped vegetable ones with cukes, sweet peppers, carrots, tomatoes, onions etc.
  • I drank lots of water, about 120 oz each day
  • I cut out processed meals and eating out
  • I tried to stay away from creamy “white” foods, casseroles with cream soups, salads, cream cheese type snacks.
  • I was slowly moving to a whole foods approach
  • I was doing the elliptical 3-5 times per week.

Then all day morning sickness started.  I felt miserable most of the time, no sleep, sick, all around bad.  I gave up the elliptical, ate whatever I could handle–which most of the time was canned soup.  Then the pounds slowly piled back on.  For the most part of the pregnancy I felt that the foods I ate were still healthy.  I still was eating oatmeal, eggs, and homemade bread toast for breakfast.  Salads with chicken and lots of veggies for lunch.  Dinner was still a homemade complete meal.  I didn’t snack on junk food, I ate lots of almonds, vegetable chips, air popped popcorn, and dried fruit. They were all crunchy satisfying foods.  The problem was that I ate ALOT of it!!  But it was okay.  I felt great, was moving and grooving right up until delivery day.  By the time he arrived #10 I weighed in at 210 lbs AGAIN!  But as soon as he was born, I felt better than I had in years.  My birth was by far the easiest out of all my babies.  My post baby healing was quicker than any other child.  I attributed that to the exercise I was doing beforehand and the diet changes.

Within 2 weeks of giving birth, I started out slowly on the elliptical.  I would do a steady pace for about 20 minutes, more of stretching and moving my joints than powerhouse sweating to lose weight.  About 3 times per week, my husband and I would load up the children and we would go for an hour walk down our bike path.  We have a 4 person stroller which I love.

Image00001 Image00002  Each child gets a seat.  The baby would be in my Moby Wrap, nice and warm, plus the walking kept him sleeping.  The older children would ride bikes.  It was a great time.  I brought snacks for the little ones in the stroller, than I would not have to feed them when we got home and everyone enjoyed it.

Then it turned to winter time.  It had been 5 months since #10 was born and I was down to 155 lbs.  A 60 lb weight loss.

My daily diet was very consistent.  I ate oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  I would have 2 cups of coffee and nonfat flavored creamer with that.

I then drank 2 big 20 oz glasses of water before lunch.

At lunch I would have a salad.  My salad was lots of leafy greens, green onions, sweet bell peppers, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, flax seed, 1 hardboiled egg, and homemade croutons.  I admit I used ranch dressing most of the time.  I did buy honey mustard and used that with leafy greens, cranberries, egg, monterary jack cheese, green onions, and chow mein noodles.  But I ate more of the ranch salad.

Then I would drink 2 more glasses of water before I would have any kind of snack.

For snacks, I tried to have cut up carrots and celery everyday on the counter.  Plus I would have fresh fruit out.  To help avoid the munchies.

My downfall is that I am constantly in the kitchen making food for everyone else.  I love to cook and I love my cooking.  I just have to constantly remind myself that, “It is okay I will have this meal again next month, but this month I am losing the pounds so skip this dinner and have my alternative.”  That was hard for me, its like I felt that I would never eat that meal again, so I had better have some.  Another pitfall was eating food off of my children’s plate.  I didn’t want to waste food, so I would just eat it.  But in reality I was wasting myself by eating more than I should.  I had to say, “Its okay to throw it away this time, but next time, give the children smaller portions.”

For dinner, I try and have a bowl of homemade vegetable soup, first before I decide to eat what I made for dinner for everyone else. I make a big pot of it. It consists of tomato juice, cabbage, and soup vegetables. I will do a recipe soon.  I freeze it into 1 lb containers.   Then I grab my plate for dinner, and make a huge pile of the vegetables we are having, a smaller pile of the rice or noodles, and then depending upon the meat an equal size, if we are having chicken, or beef.  I try to avoid breads.  I love homemade bread ALOT but during my weight loss I avoided it as it would bloat me right up.  For the most part I was full, if not I would have seconds of the more simple foods, ;ike rice, vegetables, meats, not the ones soaked in a sauce.  The plain and simple foods that God gives us.

I know I have read about so many different diets out there.  There are diets for everything.  But do they have a diet that was the way God intended??  If I could make one up I would call it the GOD DIET— Plain and simple.  Choose foods that are as natural as the way they are grown–  rice, beans, eggs, vegetables.  Stay away from the ones that are made in a factory–noodles, jarred foods, frozen store meals.  Anything processed is not good for us.  If it is made in a factory, make it yourself.  You will save so much on preservatives and lost nutrients.   If I like something like cheese crackers, then I will make them and eat them.  Then I don’t feel so bad that I ate it because the ingredients are very simple and good for me.  Avoid the creamy white foods–cream soups, salads made with creamy dressings, cheese drenched foods, creamy casseroles.  Opt for simpler pastas made with diced tomatoes, not thick rich sauces.

How to avoid the munchies because they will happen?  It takes awhile for sugar to totally dissipate out of your system.  You may crave sweet things, but it will only last for a few days.  For myself I love to munch while I am sitting at the computer.  Usually I would grab pretzels, but lately I have been making air popped popcorn.  We use spray butter and a little bit of popcorn salt.  It cures my need to eat anything and there are hardly any calories.

The weight has come off.  In the last 4 months I have lost 15 more pounds putting me at 140.  I went from a dress size of 18 down to a size 6! I have not exercised as much as I did in the beginning.  My children have been more at a “I don’t want to sleep all night” stage and I find it hard to go do the elliptical at night, besides I am on here now:)   for now my exercise is taking a back seat.  But that is okay.  I try and take them all for a walk at least 4-5 times a week, it might only be for 30 minutes but pushing a 4 person stroller with a combined weight of 100 lbs is a workout!!!!


I love the way  physical exercise is making me feel.  I used to have alot of back and sciatic leg nerve pain.  But after losing the weight that has gone away.  I have many responsibilities with so many babies but I still feel for the most part that I have enough energy to keep up with them.  My sleep schedule is very low.  Maybe 6-7 hours a night, but I still function quite well, especially when I exercise.  I love the way this lifestyle change is making me feel and I would never want to go back to feeling fat and lazy.  I don’t mean that disrespectful, I am just explaining how I feel.

Its exciting, we should WANT to lose this extra weight.  It is going to do us no good in the future.  I want to avoid all the pills that the “average ” person has to take when getting older to control their diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.  I want to take charge of my lifestyle now so that in 15 years from now, when my baby will be a teenager I will be as young feeling as I am  at almost 40.  But it is going to take some dedication from myself maybe a little sacrifice at saying “No” to certain foods.

It hasn’t been too hard, just overcoming willpower is the key. I have my days of wanting to stuff my face with food and I have to stop and think, “Why did I just do that?”  Then get back up the next day, and start again.  It is all a mind set.  We can do anything we want to do with our lives it is our choosing.  Choosing to live a long, healthy lifestyle is what I want.  Choosing to have ten children is what I wanted.  Choosing to homeschool all my children I wanted.  Sure they are hard some days.  Life is all about choices, whether they are hard or easy.  We can all do everything that we set our minds to.  If we fail, we get back up again.

I live for my children.  I want them to live a long and healthy life.  I think I read that 1 out of 3 kids growing up now will have diabetes when older.  That number is shocking, I don’t want to see my children go through those ordeals if all it takes is making better food decisions on my part.

So how about it?  Any moms out there motivated to do a weight loss  
challenge and start eating the “God diet”?

**Wanted to note as I have been asked, yes I have nursed all of my babies. I used to use the excuse that I needed to eat more when I was nursing.  But in reality I believe its like 1/2 a peanut butter sandwich and milk for the extra calories.  No more excuses, take control of your eating.







50 responses to “How I lost 70 pounds twice in 2 years and lost 12 dress sizes!!! a weight loss story

  1. Good for you!! It isn’t healthy to be heavy and it doesn’t help us to serve our family. I lost 20 pounds 3 years ago and have kept it off. You are amazing because it isn’t easy to loose. I eat yogurt and salads and just a little of supper. y problem is eating too many of the cookies I make. Exercising also lifts your Spirit and keeps the mully grubs away.

  2. You look amazing! And you must feel even better. This sounds like a Common Sense Diet, eating the way God designed our bodies to be eating.
    I’m sure your husband appreciates how you’ve worked so hard and I imagine your children are happier with a mama who has more energy and feels so much healthier. Good for you!

    • thank you Linda, yes he does appreciate what I have done, says its like when we first married:)makes me feel good to know that I can do that for him and myself.

  3. What an inspiring story! I too hear you about having many children and then allowing ourselves to get out of shape. After number four I lost a ton of weight and felt the best I have in my adult life. Then with this pregnancy I have gained all the weight back and more! Looking forward to getting back on track after delivery, but your story really spoke to me 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

    • your so welcome rachael, enjoyed checking out your blog, I wish you all the luck. Definitely just enjoy being pregnant, taking care of yourself and baby, there will be enough time later on for exercise. But for now rest. 🙂

  4. Wow, congratulations! I am proud of you!!! It takes great effort to stay so consistent, especially during a pregnancy! You look amazing ….!!!!!!

    • Thank you Gillian, it has been a hard road, but with everything we perserve!!! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I also have 10 children and am working on weight loss.
    You look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    • Crystal, that is so great!! I can’t wait to hear an update on you:) Keep moving and drinking lots of water.

  6. These are the types of stories that got me motivated to lose the weight! I’m inspired for sure! You are right where I WANT to be. I’m 20 lbs away. I know I may turn up pregnant any day, but I also want to have a WONDERFUL and healthy pregnancy like you did! Until that day, I’m going to keep truckin’! Thanks for the inspiration! I’m pinning this to my weight loss board for when I need a little kick in the pants! 🙂

    • Amy, thank you so much. I really enjoy reading your blog as well. You have motivated me to say something about myself and what I did to lose weight. I know I laugh and think all this work and Yes I could get pregnant again, but that is okay, its part of the journey we embark on. Thanks for the pinning. God bless. Amy

  7. I really enjoyed reading your story! You have motivated me to want to lose all of the extra pounds after our 7th child is born (soon). I’ll have about 50 lbs to lose then. I do have a thyroid disease that makes it difficult to lose weight but I trust that by the grace of God I can do it…for my family and myself. I’m scared I will try too hard and my milk supply will be affected as I’ll be nursing but maybe that can just be an excuse? We have a treadmill and I’m excited to start using it again regularly. I think self control in portion size and staying away from too many sweets (even if they are the healthier version of the original) will be key to making this happen for me. Thank you for sharing your story, I am really happy for you 🙂

    • sandi, congrats on soon to be baby. Yes start small especially after having a baby. Increase your water at first, make sure that you drink and stay hydrated. I drank Mothers Milk Tea with my babies to help my milk production. Then start moving, even if it is to your children’s music videos—I really like the wiggles:) My 9th I didn’t cut back on food but I did exercise. Every little bit will help.

  8. Kerri Gallion

    You have encouraged me. I have 2 teenage sons still at home, am 42 years old, and in the worst shape I’ve been in. I have bone on bone arthritis in my left knee, a right knee that dislocates from a hereditary condition, a bad back and am carrying around about 60 extra pounds that I don’t need. Thank you for posting this. I am encouraged and going to start small and try this.

    • Kerri that is awesome to hear that you are motivated. Yes start small, at first just increase your daily water intake. Do that for about a week, then the next week start exercising slowly. If maybe just a short walk, then do that. Move just a little bit each day, we gotta keep our bodies moving, they were meant to not sit idle. Keep up the good work!!

  9. Good for you. And I love how you lost it all naturally by eating right and exercising – no special diet powder or pills to take. Awesome job!!!

    • Thank you Christa, its funny who would of thought eating naturally and exercise would fix our health problems:)

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  11. I just wanted to let you know that I admire the way you live, taking care of yourself for your family and always putting God first in all that you do. You are a beautiful person and I want to be more like you. Thank you for your inspiration. May God bless you. I am a composer who gets my inspiration from God (check out my website: and am 6 days away from having my second child. Your blog has inspired me to keep going and lose the baby weight after I deliver. Thank you!

    • kelsie, how exciting to be having your second baby, hopefully already:) That is wonderful that you are using your talents for the glory of God, my family, not myself but my husband and children are all so gifted musically. They love to compose and play and sing. I love seeing them play for God, it really is the only way. I wish you blessings on your journey. Amy

  12. I am so happy I found your blog, I have a daughter who just turned two and a two month old son..I weigh 40 pounds more than I did when I first became pregnant with my daughter so I was looking for some inspiration and I found a comment you made on an article on
    I am going to be homeschooling my children so I’m enjoying that portion of your blog as well..I like to say I am already homeschooling them as it starts from the very beginning.
    This post really has encouraged me! Thank you very much.
    God continue to bless you and your family!

    • sarah, I am so excited to meet you and I am so glad that we have connected:) I look forward to posting more things that we do in homeschooling to help encourage and help others who want to help train up their children. God bless you, amy

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  14. Wow, this is such a motivation for me that it CAN be done eating real food, not prepackaged “diet” foods! 🙂

  15. Your such an Inspiration woman!
    Your story gives me a lot of motivation 🙂
    I was shocked when i read that you have 10 children! I think my jaw dropped! In a good way then!
    I always tell people I want 10 children (godwilling)

    I am 20 kilo overweight and although people dont believe me that , a year ago in february I was losing weight after gain alot of weight of the first one. And told myself enough is enough. I lost 6 kilo in 2 weeks and was proud of myself. But in week 4 I got pregnant(very early).
    But been good at during pregnancy been sporting and eating well and drinking lots of water. After birth got back to my pre-pregnancy of my first almost.
    But then breastfeeding and stupidity happened and now I am struggling with my weight. LOL
    I can say that I sound really ridiculous and sure got time of the world compared to you who got 10 children!!
    But losing weight is hard!

    I am glad for you lost weight!

    • Yasmina, yes losing weight is hard, I am on my last maybe 10 lbs and it seems this is the hardest ever:) I don’t know if I got in to the routine of eating “normal” foods but I need to get back on track. Maybe soon will do a series on losing weight:) Keep looking:) God bless, Amy

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  26. Thank you for sharing, and for all the honesty. This give me motivation. Sometimes it feels hopeless when we see how “movie stars” go back to their pre-baby weight within weeks.

    I understand they don’t live a realistic or usually a God centered life. However it is still disheartening to think I could not achieve that.

    After each new baby I have tried to loose weight, and do, but not the point of my pre-marriage weight. And then another new life is created and than I re-gain all that I lost and then some. So to read your journey has given me hope to not give up or stop trying. I love all my babies (older children are still my babies), and they are worth the hardship on my body. (Hyperemesis gravid arum, nerve, blood clots, 70 pounds in total weight gain, etc.)

    thanks =)

    • jessica, I am glad you enjoyed it, yes it can be done, it just takes the motivation to do it. Even if you get pregnant again, know that being lighter and in more shape will make your pregnancy go much smoother:) keep enduring and doing a little at a time:)

  27. I am in that boat you mentioned right now. I want to lose weight and get back in shape (I weighed 199lbs when I got married, then lost 47 lbs by running and eating better…but then I had babies and got lazy) but I find that after a night of nursing my 5 month old and caring for my 3 older boys and homeschooling them, I can’t even think about exercising when I find a spare minute. I just want to sit down. I am at 198 right now and I just want to get down to 160 if I can before I get pregnant again. God’s Will be done, I don’t know if or when another little blessing will come, but I don’t want to struggle through it as much add I did with the last pregnancy when I started out at 185.
    I do spend a whole lot of time looking for online motivation, but I guess that’s because I don’t have anyone to kick my behind to get me going! This is not really something I want to share with my friends who don’t seem to ever get as big as I am after babies. I love love love to cook and bake, so I eat much of what I make. And I hate to waste food, so I eat my children’s leftovers when I clean the table after meals as well as any food that I think will be wasted because it will go bad soon. I struggle daily with these decisions. I don’t want to sound like I’ve given up, but reading your post really makes me want to change. I think my biggest downfall is the “treat cupboard” of all the holiday chocolates and sweets we received this year…I don’t WANT to eat it all, but I think about it often and then I think “well, I don’t want it to go to waste” or to throw it out so that everyone suffers because I’m too week to say NO.

    • You sound like an EXACT copy of what I was like and the excuses that I made to not lose the weight. I am going to encourage you to join the weight loss accountability group starting in February. On the side bar you will find a place to sign up. I will send you out 3 emails each week and each week I focus on changing habits in your food regime to help you eat better. It isn’t about exercise—that will be another month, BUT it starts somewhere. Let me tell you, my last two babies—is where I had my big weight loss with. Even though each pregnancy still put me at over 200 lbs, those were the best feeling pregnancies and the best delivery pregnancies out of all my babies. I attribute that to being more in shape and eating better . Join, it won’t hurt anything, you can always ignore the emails:) or you can read them and then do them. In a months time you will be amazed at how much better you feel. Be blessed amy

      • Thanks so much for your encouragement. I have actually lost a few pounds since I’ve been drinking WAY more water, and I thought I was already drinking enough! Now I measure it out and keep refilling my measuring cup throughout the day. I also bought some cabbage and tomato juice, so I can try your soup recipe! Hopefully I can lose more before I find out I’m pregnant again! I am definitely joining your accountability group. Thank you.

        • Wonderful!!! I am excited to be able to walk with you through some weight loss. Be blessed. AMy

          • Hi Amy,

            I just want to say thanks so much for taking the time to send the “accountability” e-mails out – they have been very beneficial. Having a little change each week is helpful, and makes me feel like I can do it!
            My main problem right now is that I am sooooo hungry! lol! I keep drinking more water when I feel hungry to curb the hunger, but I feel like the hungrier I get, the grouchier I am. This is unfortunately not very nice for my children to encounter when Mommy is grumpy. Did you feel the same way when you started?

          • I am so glad to hear that you enjoy the accountability reminders. Yes, grouchy for a bit, you are doing different things with your body:) cleaning out the bad stuff!! Are you hungry?? Eat something healthy, stick to veges and fruit. If you need more substance eat like granola, or something more filling.I ate probably more as I lost weight but it was of good things, lots of soup,lots of rice, but now I am able to have a small portion and be fine. All you are doing this week is adjusting your water intake dont worry about everything else. If you are hungry then eat!!!! We are just working on forming a new habit:) Keep at it!! Be blessed.Amy

  28. I’ve worked with nursing moms nearly 19 years. Current research is showing that not all nursing moms–especially after Baby #1–need extra calories. Good for you for trusting the (nursing) system!

  29. Christen Brown

    The god diet is a.k.a. Palo Vegan.

  30. Christen Brown

    Paleo vegan. Sorry for misspelling it.

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