Homeschool winter fun day

Hey ladies…hope your having a great week:)  Last week we did our monthly get together with our homeschool friends at our local library.  Normally we like to do it earlier in the month, but this past month was full of ice and snow and no one wanted to get out…so we waited until now.

Our theme was snow.  We read the book Snowflake Bentley…..a neat book about a guy who photographed hundreds of snowflakes.  You can get the kids version as well as the older version which has the photos of his snowflakes.

We then made snow houses out of toothpicks and marshmallows.  My children really like doing this and some made towers, others made animals, and some made houses.

This is a very inexpensive thing to do when you have a lot of people.  We had 9 kids and we used one bag of mini marshmallows and half of a pack of toothpicks.

The kids have fun making all sorts of creations.  

The hardest was keeping the children from eating them:)

This was a reindeer and a house:)

Then we took paper plates and cut one inch slits into the edges.  I gave them a piece of yarn and they were to wrap the yarn around the plate.  It was to resemble  a snowflake if done properly and the other side would look like  a star:)  

This was good hand eye coordination activity.  

Again, an inexpensive craft.  

We then made pipe cleaner snowflakes.  We had these leftover from our ornament making party in November.  I just cut them and let them bend them to create a snowflake.  We had lots of beads to string on and make a cute hanging snowflake.

A variety of crafting skills:)  I like the one that has the added tips of pipe cleaners.  I wrote that down to make them for Christmas time on our tree.  I think they are cute.

We then were part of National School of Choice week…so we took a picture and sent it into the site to show our participation in this event.  I think it is important that everyone has freedom to choose how to educate their child whether in public, private, or homeschool.

If you would like to see the video that I did of our day, you can watch it here.




I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!  Be blessed!


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