homemade drumsticks


My family really enjoys Drumstick frozen treats, but unfortunately with so many people, we have to buy a few boxes for everyone to get one.  I decided, if they can make them so can we.

And that we did.

First things first, we had to come up with a way to hold the sugar cones up.  We came up with our connect four game board.   We placed it over top of a baking pan and it worked wonderfully.



We then started out by using hot fudge ice cream topping in the jar and heated it up a bit in the oven so that it would pour nicely. We then poured that into the bottom of our ice cream cones.  2014-05-20_00024Topped it with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream, we had to do this in a hurry as it was melting, no time for pictures:)  Placed it in the freezer.  After completely frozen we heated up melting chocolate and quickly drizzled it over top, I had my daughters quickly sprinkle with chopped peanuts because the chocolate set up fast.  We then placed the ice cream end into a sandwich baggie and then set them into a larger plastic container to freeze.

These taste so good, just like a drumstick.


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  1. My kids thought I was a bit crazy when I asked them to empty the Connect 4 board and bring it to me in the kitchen. But they were delighted to find out what we were doing. I just mixed up a simple chocolate sauce by boiling cocoa, unrefined sugar and some water. I’m hoping it sets up enough! In the freezer now for a surprise dessert for Daddy. He LOVES those but they are too expensive to buy often. Thanks for the idea! Looking forward to trying new combinations–strawberry, neopolitan, etc.

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