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Home Economics Kitchen Skills  includes over 170 pages full of precise, step by step learning in the kitchen as well as over 150 recipes from our personal kitchen.  These are tried and true recipes that we enjoy making. It takes you along  18 weeks worth of learning new skills for one complete semester of school credit.

Read the full review at The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

You can click here for a preview of what you will receive.

This book is available for $10 and you can receive it immediately after payment.  Enjoy!!  ***PLEASE NOTE IF YOU ARE NOT REDIRECTED TO A DOWNLOAD PAGE CONTACT ME IMMEDIATELY AT plainandnotsoplain@gmail.com


For those wanting a printed copy you can get it    click HERE to purchase KITCHEN SKILLS on Amazon    Be blessed and thank you!!

27 responses to “Home Economics kitchen ebook

  1. Hi Amy
    I am trying to purchase this & keep on getting an error message. It is saying that some information is missing & it can’t complete the purchase. This is happening as soon as I click on the buy now button.
    I’m sorry for putting it down here in the comments. I can’t find your email button to email you ( I’m probably looking in the wrong place).
    Thanks so much. This course looks excellent and I am intending using it asap!
    Renata 🙂

    • Thank you Renata for notifying me of a wrong link. I believe I have corrected it, any issues let me know. Thank you and be blessed. Amy

  2. Thank you Amy. It worked perfectly!!

  3. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating this ebook! I have been searching and searching and searching! My heart leaped for joy when I found this! I will actually be using it first with my 10th grade son b/c I want him to have the skills he needs in the kitchen but will certainly be using it with my girls later too!

    I hope it’s okay if I share this amazing creation you have made on our blog page too!!!!

    • Wonderful, I am glad that you will be using it. I would love you to share it:) Thank you and be blessed. Amy
      PS I actually just was looking at your blog, and we are neighbors!!!! We are about an hour from you. We come to Table rock state park almost every weekend for hiking, playground, and a picnic. We are in Zirconia:)NC

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  6. Your “Buy it now” button is not working. It sends me to an error page as it did Renata. I to am thankful for the time you spent putting this course together. Thank you! 🙂

  7. I have paid and would like to download the printable book, but I have not gotten any emails or anything on how to download.

  8. Janet Killion

    Just purchaded you home econm ebook but was not given a download link….most likley my faulty wifi.
    Can send me a down load link?

  9. Hello! What is the difference between the 37 week free course and the 18 week ebook? 🙂 Is the 37 week course enough info a full year of high school home ec credit? Thanks!

    • hello Amelia, the ebook is just focused on kitchen skills alone. It is good for one semester of high school credit. The online course is a full years worth of home economic skills. I will be adding more books as I write them to make more courses centered on different home economics skills. Thanks for asking:)

  10. I purchased your home Ec for iBooks, can I download it onto more than one of my devices?
    Also I noticed the book version is actually different than the online version. Is the online version the same as the one available for print? I prefer to use the more indepth version but I don’t have online access at all times.
    I LOVE everything you create! You are amazing

    • hello Jessica, it is just a PDF and you should be able to open it on multiple devices. The book version is for kitchen skills only. I am working on writing more that cover other areas. Thank you and glad you enjoy. Be blessed. Amy

  11. Kellina Bjork

    I wanted to tell you thank you so much for this awesome book that you’ve put together! I bought the download and my daughter and I have been doing the course together and we love it! We’re on week 5 (How to Chop Vegetables) and are planning on making a couple of the soup recipes. After reading through each recipe, my daughter decided that she wants to make the Cheeseburger Soup (sounds yummy!) I noticed that after reading through the directions, some of the ingredients called for in the directions aren’t on the ingredients list. It’s really not a big deal since it’s soup and it’s fairly simple to wing it with the quantities of the ingredients, even if they’re not listed, but I did want to make you aware of it, just in case you’d want to correct that. Again, thank you so much for the amazing job on this book! God bless!

    • Thank you so much for your comments and I am glad you are enjoying it!! I am amazed at how much a need for an editor is:) I thank you for the correction and I will update it eventually. Thanks again. Amy

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  13. I have been pouring over your website and am getting confused by the offerings! Is the green book ($20) the same as the orange/tan book ($10) and the blue book ($10) combined or are they all three completely different? If different, what are the differences? I see some overlap in topics covered, but can’t tell for sure if they are identical or just similar. Also the web courses–are they the same things contained in the ebooks? Does the content of the ebooks match the web course, just in one neat and tidy package? Or are there differences between what is in the web course and what is in the ebook? Trying to decide which to do for a high school credit. Thanks!

    • Hey Cindy let me break it down……………………the $20 green book is a combination of the kitchen skills (orange book) and the household/personal management skills (blue book). I added devotions and character studies to the green book as well to make it more complete. You can use these offline and with no other books to do the course.

      The web courses will be almost the same as the kitchen skills book (orange) and the household/personal management (blue) with added videos and some quizzes, downloads, extra busy work. But you have to have online capability to do the course. Hope that helps!! Let me know if I need to clarify it anymore. Be blessed cindy!

      • Would you be able to use the green book and then the web course together?
        So, if I wanted a hard copy but wanted to supplement with videos and such from the online course do they coordinate enough to do that? Thanks so much! Your generous heart and spirit is evident through your comments and site. I appreciate you sharing your gifts and talents with us.

        • Yes you would be able to use both together. The book will contain character studies as well, which I don’t have online. Your very welcome, I am happy to share. Its been a HUGE blessing to be able to help offer something to train up our daughters in today’s society. A lost practice in our world. Be blessed!

  14. That helps! Thank you!!

  15. Is this book the same as the home ec cooking online class? Thinking of doing it in co-op setting. Thanks for making this available!

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