Hiding an ugly freezer with wallpaper

Am I the ONLY one with this issue?!?!?!  We have an ugly freezer.  Yes, it is a freezer that I had gotten from my aunt many  many years ago, its old, but it freezes so nicely that I can’t part with it.  Most people would probably put their “ugly” freezers in the garage, but our garage is for our sign business, so that option is out. 

But we do have a large basement area and this room is pretty much not used in our home, so I don’t mind.  What I originally did when we first moved here in our old rental home, I had to have my extra freezers right in my dining room because their was no space, so I made photo collages and attached them to the freezers. No one knew that they were freezers and it covered it. Plus we got to look at all of our old memories each day:) Now, my photos are getting worn plus I am needing it to look different, so I contemplated how to cover my ugly freezer.  I was going to use a nice material maybe from a table cloth and use adhesive spray but I couldn’t find anything that I liked.  Painting it was an option but I didn’t really like that it still looked like a freezer, so I went with wallpaper.

I found this at Walmart and it was around $30 and it covered it completely.

I first scraped off the freezer to remove any velcro hangings from my photos and I took off the brand sticker thing:)  I started at the top and used a ruler to scrape it to make it semi smooth.  It is going to bubble.  Don’t freak out, get as much as you can non bubbly but you can fix it afterwards.

We lifted the paper a few times and relaid it to remove as many bubbles as we could.  We wrapped it from one side all the way to the other, not worrying about doing each side separately.  I had my husband cut with a knife where the hinge is on the door.  Then my husband said to just put a tiny pin hole in the air bubble and rub it to work the bubble out—that worked. I was afraid it would leave little marks, but it didn’t . So I sat and did that for about 15 minutes, not something I enjoy, but I did it and it’s done.  Yes it looks a thousand times better, but it is still a freezer covered in wall paper:)

The cubes hold all of my girl’s clothing.  They have a large bedroom but since there are five of them in a room, we opted to not put their clothing in there.  So we put these all together and they each have cubes for clothing and shoes.  Then we made an under the stairs closet for their clothing.  I will do a video one day:)

Here is the final photo with the hinge seam cut open.  My husband just cut right down the middle and we wrapped it around the edges. It fit perfectly.

Now I need like a large basket for the top to use for storage maybe? Maybe or some green plants.  I’m thinking a trip to Hobby Lobby is going to be in store:)  Have a blessed day today!


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  1. Wow! It looks great, Amy! Be blessed! : )

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