having a donation event

Having a donation event

Part of becoming a daughter with purpose is about donating your time and energy to helping others.  This week, I want you to think about how you can organize an event to provide for the needs of someone else.

Hold a “donation only” sale at your home or church.  All those items that you have accumulated by decluttering, encourage other friends to do the same.  Use the “extras” to hold a “donation only” sale.   I say “donation only” because I believe we are to hold to what Jesus stated in scripture:  Luke 19:46  “Saying to them, It is written, My house is the house of prayer: but you have made it a den of thieves.”  When holding a garage sale, pray beforehand that God would allow you to raise the amount of money needed for _______thing.  Don’t price your items, tell people that it is a donation only sale and that you are raising money for_____.  If they can give, then let them do so in the donation box provided.  Let your faith be put into action, by God providing what you need.  This way you can be a blessing to someone, who maybe cannot afford items as well as allowing those that can give to be a blessing.

Maybe money is something that you need for your own personal use and you are going to have the sale at your home, that is fine too.  If the items are ones that you are getting rid, price them to sell.  Go cheap, everyone likes a good deal. The first day put a low price, the second day put half price and the third day put free.  That way you will not have to haul the stuff to the trash or have someone drive it to a donation center.  If you truly want to get rid of it, then do so!!

There are many “needs” out there.  Find what is passionate in your heart and find a way to help.  Set up a diaper drive for the local pregnancy care center. If baking is your specialty, bake items for the newcomers at church.  Set up a schedule for a family who just had a new baby and ask around church for others to take a meal to them. Brainstorm and think of ways to provide a blessing for others.