hands on skills making lunch

This meal of the day will vary depending upon who you are cooking for.  Most of us can get by with a small salad, sandwich, or soup.  Others working more labor intense jobs will need a hearty meal.  Make sure you plan accordingly when deciding which recipes to make.

  •  Choose a sandwich from the list below.
  •  Choose some fresh vegetables and fruit to cut up and enjoy.
  •  Choose a side to compliment your meal, hard-boiled eggs, crackers, cheese slices, dill pickles, cottage cheese, yogurt, depending upon your sandwich choice.
  •   If you are making this as a special treat, why not make a light dessert?

Club sandwich

Egg salad

Chicken salad

Grilled ham and cheese
Grilled cheese


Peanut butter sandwiches


Use this as an evaluation for yourself

Did you remember to follow all safety rules when preparing food in the kitchen?

Did you serve lunch on time?

Did you remember to completely clean up your work area leaving it better than when you started?

Did you set your table according to the informal table setting?

Did you follow all of the table manners that you have learned this unit?

After lunch be sure to wash all dishes and put them away.

Store leftovers in the refrigerator for another meal.